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    GW Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

    This performance was a fantastic experience for me. I worked with a graduate student, Jonah, who is not going into clinical psychology or any psychology for that matter. Jonah exemplified a very trained therapist: he listened, posed questions, repeated my words, and suggested a possible plan that we could put in place to help me with my character's "addiction." While I may not struggle with addiction in real life, at that moment, having someone validate your experience and your emotions was incredibly powerful. This was an incredibly powerful experience.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 12/02/2020 with TRDA 3131W Theatre of Social Change
    GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS)

    This was a very informative and exciting dive into patient care as well as performance. To be a patient for a learner, I needed a lot of dedication and imagination to embody this character. All you know is the medical Background of the patient; we are not provided with any personality descriptions or overall demeanor. Therefore, this experience was a creative one. Even though we may all have the same case of this girl with asthma, everyone can portray her differently based on what they imagine her to be like. In this experience, a critical moment was watching a sample interview with a learner and an S.P. The learner acted and presented as a doctor – she even wore a lab coat. The SP, the patient, seemed very informative and knowledgeable about her case; she presented herself as an expert in this field as she knew exactly how to answer each of the learner's questions. She was so entuned with her character that it was as if this was a real-life scenario. I loved this experience and would definitely recommend it.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 11/23/2020 with TRDA 3131W Theatre of Social Change
    GW Law

    Sarah gave to GW Law

    My experience was filled with anxiety and excitement -- but it was by far my favorite activity I have done at GW. Much preparation went into becoming this character: I read all the documents required, I reviewed my response to possible questions the lawyers could ask, and I researcher courtroom procedure edict to understand what was expected of me and what I could play with. I wanted to resemble a stereotypical, egotistical, aggressive businessperson since I thought that would be more realistic for the lawyers. I was very dramatic in my responses, and I attempted to change my behavior and demeanor depending on the topic being discussed. A pivotal moment in the deposition was being questioned by a male student lawyer on the fourth issue. I was so immersed in the character that I felt myself becoming this stereotypical elitist who did not like having her credentials and integrity questioned. While it may have been clear that there was, indeed, something suspicious about how we produced the ad, I was not going to let anyone see my weakness. I got very heated with this lawyer to the point where I asked him, point-blank if he was sexist. This rattled the student lawyer as well as Professor Fair. However, his lawyer handled it very well and respectfully. I have read and watched many books and movies set in courtrooms; I made this deposition as theatrical as possible to prepare these lawyers for the worst-case scenario. This also prepared me for a possible career as a character witness!

    Gave 4.00 hours on 10/20/2020 with TRDA 3131W Theatre of Social Change

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