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    GW Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
    GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS)

    I did a standardized patient training. I found the discussion on how to provide feedback to the medical students particularly interesting. This specific way of giving feedback lets the student know that what they are doing is affecting you, without stating it in a way that could make them defensive. It’s about establishing open communication between the patient and the student so that the student feels safe to learn and can make a clear connection between their actions and their patient’s experience.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 11/23/2020 with TRDA 3131W Theatre of Social Change
    GW Law

    Alicia gave to GW Law

    I performed in a mock deposition. The first student to question me on the fifth piece was the best questioner of the day, in my opinion. She got the most information out of me and got to the most damaging parts of my case. She used a similar technique of the first student, hooking her questions with my language. After she finished the next student came back and did his questioning. He focused a lot more on having me explain the evidence than prodding for more and ended up with a lot less information than the other student. Seeing these two back to back was the most interesting, because you got to see how under the exact same circumstances, two different lawyers will end up with two totally different results.

    Gave 1.92 hours on 10/23/2020 with TRDA 3131W Theatre of Social Change