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    Emergency Medical Response Group (GW EMS)
    Emergency Medical Response Group (GW EMS)
    Emergency Medical Response Group (GW EMS)

    It is because of EMeRG and becoming an EMT that I decided to explore a different major than I initially intended to enroll in. I came across courses in Public Health and loved the introductory class. Now, as a senior, I am graduating with a double major in Public Health and Business. I have volunteered hundreds of hours to work on the ambulance because I love working with people and helping the community. For me it is worth it. It became a huge part of my life here at GW. Weekly commitments I will forever be grateful for. Through EMeRG, I found my passion for emergency medicine and even made new friends. However, I have countless frustrations with our healthcare system. Over time I have created even a running list of broken aspects I have encountered. My time on the ambulance and interacting with patients helped me discover that I am interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. While I am not studying pre-medical, my goal is to improve the US public healthcare system, our broken healthcare system.

    Gave 256.00 hours between 07/01/2022 and 12/31/2022 with George Washington University
    Emergency Medical Response Group (GW EMS)

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    Workshop: Navigating Student Leadership at GW