Research Interests

Education Rehabilitation Social Justice

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  • Bootstraps Mentoring Foundation

  • The One Orangeburg County Team

  • Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Cleveland Library

  • Dress for Success Triangle NC

  • Scholarship Academy

  • PGCC Scholars

  • National Pan-Hellenic Council

  • Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL)

  • Student Organizations

  • George Washington University

  • Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity (Old DOminion University)

  • Claflin University

  • Impacts

    Claflin University

    During homecoming, I had an opportunity to work the Gala to receive some cash. But I decided to get some community service hours instead. I had to attend an orientation meeting where we discussed information about the Gala. We had to wear white button up blouse, black skirts or pants, and black shoes.

    Gave 8.00 hours on 11/14/2021
    2021 Fall Mini Career Fair (4 hours)

    During the mini carrer fair I had to schedule appointments to meet with exsperts and build my carrer. I also, had to read curated content from my carrer center. They had surveys questions for us to ansswer from the carrer center.

    Gave 4.00 hours between 11/10/2021 and 11/11/2021
    FASFA READY (3 hours)

    My FASFA is completed. I honestly don't have a confirmation because I didn't fill out the paperwork Vocational rehabilitation did.

    Gave 3.00 hours between 09/30/2021 and 11/18/2021
    Turbo Vote: Register to Vote (2hrs)

    I signed up for Turbo vote. It provided me with specific instructions on how to register to vote.

    Gave 2.00 hours between 09/30/2021 and 10/28/2021
    Title IX Training: Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Students (2 hours)

    I had to take a course that provided me with information about sexual misconduct. The information that they provided really helped a lot. I think that they should have this every year and it should be required for every student.

    Gave 2.00 hours between 09/20/2021 and 11/18/2021
    Enroll in TimelyCare (Earn 2 hours)

    Telehealth is put in place to make sure that everyone is staying safe. They have a twenty-four seven help desk. They also provide the Covid test.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 09/08/2021
    Claflin University

    MLK Celebrate
    We talked about the importance of Martin Luther King, what he did to get us where we are today.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 04/11/2021
    Claflin University

    CU Panther Call Center
    I really enjoyed talking to the Alumni. Asking them to help the students at Claflin University pay for the things that they need to succeed in life.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 04/11/2021
    Claflin University

    Panther Call Center

    I enjoyed talking to the Alumni and I hope I can do it again.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 02/18/2021
    Carrissa Boyd

    Carrissa @ Panther Call Center

    I really enjoyed talking to the Alumni I hope to do it again next year.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 02/18/2021