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Volunteer Opportunities at DC Central Kitchen

I arrived to DC Central Kitchen today and attempted to login. My login attempt failed twice and I realized that Professor Weiner's class did not meet today. However, I talked to a supervisor and told her the situation and she replied that I could be added to the list today and that I was able to serve. After sorting out the confusion, I was able to begin serving. My first task was working with a women, whose husband sits on the board of the DCCK. We had to sort and organize apples. The apples were categorized into edible, bruised or smashed apples. The apples that were bruised or smashed were to be made into applesauce later while the edible apples were placed into bags to be given out to children. Following that hour long task, the remaining time was spent cutting meat and trimming the fat off for fajitas. Overall, this experience was amazing, even if I still smell like meat. I cannot wait to come back from Spring Break and continue serving again.

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Volunteer Opportunities at DC Central Kitchen

Today when serving at DC Central Kitchen, there were only two volunteers, Brynn and myself. After setting up and putting on gloves, we were asked to do a multitude of task. Our first task was to make four salads. These salads would later be used by the Salvation Army for breakfast and dinner. This breakfast and dinner would take place on Sunday 2/29. After preparing the salads, our next task was to make applesauce. The applesauce needed to include cinnamon and brown sugar. After making and mixing the applesauce, we then organized and prepared the condiments for the Salvation Army dinner and breakfast. We then had to prepare a stir-fry dish and put them in containers to be used later on in the week. Right before I left, I had to clean my cooking station. Overall, I had a blast serving today and I cannot wait to go volunteer next week!

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Volunteer Opportunities at DC Central Kitchen

Today was my first morning shift volunteering at DC Central Kitchen. When arriving at the kitchen, there was a large group of volunteers. There was the men's soccer team from the University of the District of Colombia and a finance company. However, the kitchen is always busy and Professor Weiner's class was directed to make chicken and vegetable ravioli. We had to unbox the ravioli and put them into pans. The hardest part was separating the frozen ravioli from each other. My hands were freezing because of working with the frozen ravioli. I was glad that we worked two and a half hours separating and making chicken and vegetable ravioli. I cannot wait to go serve at DC Central Kitchen next week. It is always a rewarding experience to go serve and give back to the DC community.

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Volunteer Opportunities at DC Central Kitchen

Today when volunteering at DC Central Kitchen, I was accompanied by three other peers from my class. When arriving in the kitchen, our first task was to de-core and peel apples to make applesauce. After about fifteen apples, I and another volunteer, was asked to help unload a truck full of sandwiches. These sandwiches were to be used for tonight's dinner. After unloading the truck, I was then asked to clean out the freezer. I arranged a new pallet of flank steaks and chicken. We set up an assembly line system which proved highly efficient. Last, I along with the group of volunteers were asked to peel sweet potatoes and mash them together to make a condiment for Monday's dinner. Overall, today went by extremely fast by the constant back to back task. It was very rewarding and I cannot wait to go serve next Friday!

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Volunteer Opportunities at DC Central Kitchen

Today at DC Central Kitchen fellow classmates and I volunteered seasoning food that would later be served for dinner. Two peers and I first began seasoning french fries. My task was to make the seasoning that would be later applied to the fries. After seasoning all the fries, we then placed them onto trays to be placed in the oven. Also, this process was repeated on okras, a fruit from Honduras, and sweet potatoes. I also learned what okra was and the types of dishes they are used in. This was very interesting because it was something new and it looks similar to a jalapeño. Afterwards, we were asked to clean up which took roughly thirty minuets. I cannot wait to volunteer next week because it is rewarding. I had an amazing experience and cannot wait to go again Friday!

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Volunteer Opportunities at DC Central Kitchen

When arriving at DCCK today, I was happy to find fellow classmates there and ready to serve. Today's experience was different from the last time I volunteered, which had me cutting potatoes. Today, Wayne, the culinary director for DCCK, had me place one hundred and fifty french toast into a frying pan in order to be served for breakfast tomorrow. Following that, I organized rice to be placed in the refrigerator. From there a fellow classmate and I opened roughly 32 to 40 cans of peaches to be served later that day. This was something interesting because growing up my mom never allowed me to open cans for fear of spilling food over the counter. I found opening cans and putting peaches into containers was rather therapeutic. Following that, I, along with another independent volunteer from Georgetown, proceeded to move meat from de-thawing in the sink to be placed in the refrigerator. This process proved to be challenging because of carrying heavy plastic bags of meat and having to drain the liquid from inside the bag. This process was smelly and unpleasant, but knowing that I was doing this for a better cause made it worth while. Overall, today's experience serving was wonderful and worthwhile. I had fun and I cannot wait to go back to DC Central Kitchen next Friday!

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Volunteer Opportunities at DC Central Kitchen

I attended DC Central Kitchen on Friday, January 17th 2020. When I first arrived at DCCK, the atmosphere was chaotic and full of high school students getting ready to leave from their morning shift. After watching a video that motivated the afternoon volunteers, my group was selected to cut potatoes that would turn into french fries. I was completely nervous at first because I have never used a butcher knife. This was my first "real" cooking experience other than microwave food. However, after getting into the routine of cutting potatoes, time flew by and after personally cutting 30-40 potatoes and still having 10 fingers, my group finished and we spent the remaining 30 minuets cleaning the kitchen. Overall, the experience was rewarding knowing that the potatoes I cut would be served for dinner for those who would show up to DC Central Kitchen. I cannot wait to go serve next week!

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