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Alexandra La Pinta

Alexandra @ Grapevine Health

I had a 30 minute phone interview with Lisa Fitzpatrick from Grapevine Health to learn more about healthcare services in the Anacostia region. I learned the primary issue in regard to healthcare in the area is lack of trust between the community and health care providers--not a lack of clinics. Lisa shared this issue with me which was extremely valuable in directing my research. Grapevine Health targets this by communicating with the community to assess their needs and hesitations.

Gave 0.50 hour on 02/22/2020 with SUST 3097 30 Community-Engaged Research to Promote Environmental Justice
GWComposting - Event Facilitators

I am always impressed with how many students and locals compost regularly. It's fulfilling to help out not only because its good for the environment, but also because its nice to see the community impact bringing people together (both volunteers and composters).

Made an impact on 10/25/2019 with SUST 3003 World on a Plate
GWComposting - Event Facilitators

It was very interesting to see who on campus contributes their compost and how the org is managed. I think there should be more collection sites around campus on different days/ times of the week to maximize our impact. To get more students involved, the dorms should advertise it and recommend that students preserve compost in their freezers. I was surprised to see how many students compost and what types of foods make up most of their waste.

Made an impact on 09/06/2019 with SUST 3003 World on a Plate