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    GW Community Response to COVID-19

    BISC 1008 - Recipes
    I prepared and cooked a simple and easy steak dinner for my family of 5!
    All you need is a grill.
    What you need:
    3 New York strips
    5 corn on the cob
    A grill
    First, salt and pepper all three steaks and salt and butter all the corn on cobs. Next, prepare the grill. I used a charcoal grill, so I prepared a hot half, where the charcoal burns and a cold half, with nothing underneath it. Once the grill is ready, pat down the steaks to remove the moisture the salt pulled out of them. Then, throw everything on the hot half of the grill. I did 4 minutes each side for the steaks, before moving them to the cold side for them to cook a bit more within themselves. For the corn, I kept rotating them until they turned a nice golden brown color. Then, prepare the meal by cutting the steaks and serving them all together!

    Gave 1.50 hours on 04/25/2020 with BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms
    GW Community Response to COVID-19

    I made an. at-home garden for my family so that we could be self-sustainable during these tough times so that we don't have to go to the store as often!

    Gave 1.50 hours on 04/18/2020 with BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms
    GW Community Response to COVID-19

    I researched and found that one of the most harmful and invasive species out there. In my back yard, which leads to a county park, there has been bamboo ravaging the land since I remember. Essentially, bamboo is an extremely harmful invasive species that wraps its roots around the native plants in the area and kills them. I took it upon myself to cut down the bamboo, filling up 8 biodegradable bags issued by my county's worth. While I wasn't able to get all the bamboo bagged, I intend on using the excess shoots to help support the tomatoes in my at-home garden my family and I have been building.

    Gave 8.00 hours on 04/18/2020 with BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms
    GW Community Response to COVID-19

    BISC 1008 Service Hours - Staying Fit!
    Here is what I do to stay in shape during quarantine. I try to get at least 14 miles on my bike every day, doing different loops around my county. I track my progress through a biking/running app called Strava.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 04/17/2020 with BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms
    Martha's Table

    Met some great people, gave back to the DC community by serving kids of wards 7 and 8 food, overall great experience!

    Gave 4.00 hours on 02/27/2020 with BADM 1002 29 First Year Development, BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms
    Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service & Leadership 2022

    Inadequate amounts of materials provided for service, but still helped the community out by painting elementary school walls.

    Gave 6.00 hours on 01/20/2020 with BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms

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