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    Volunteer Management Project: YWCA

    As a Manager Assistant Coordinator, I had the opportunity to gain valuable experience and develop important skills that will serve me well in my future career. Specifically, my work involved creating new systems for tracking information about mentors and mentees, reorganizing old data, and improving the overall mentorship program.
    Throughout this role, I found that I particularly enjoyed using my organizational and analytical skills to develop more efficient and effective ways of tracking information. It was satisfying to create systems that made it easier for our team to keep track of mentor and mentee progress, and to ensure that we were providing the best possible support to our program participants.
    However, I also found that effective communication and collaboration were critical to the success the YWCA team's efforts. I learned how to communicate my ideas and concerns clearly and effectively. This was particularly challenging at times, but it was rewarding to see how our teamwork ultimately led to better outcomes for our program participants.
    Overall, what I appreciated most about this role was the sense of purpose and impact it provided. Seeing the positive impact of our work on the mentorship program was incredibly satisfying, and it reinforced my commitment to pursuing a career in management and leadership. I learned a lot about myself during this experience, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to have grown both personally and professionally.

    Gave 70.00 hours between 01/22/2023 and 05/04/2023 with George Washington University, BADM 4001 Business Leader Launch, YWCA

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