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Reclaiming Our Community: A Day of Service
Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service & Leadership 2020
Fall 2019 Nashman Center Symposium on Community Engaged Scholarship
Little Friends for Peace (LFFP)

Ending my first semester at GWU was bittersweet but was made even better when I got to end servicing for LFFP. During my last few weeks I was able to really talk and connect more with staff and find out from a creative digital media end what they needed. I was able to work with one of my peers at Civic House on the LFFP website collating and contributing our strong communication skilling in the tech world. I also enjoyed doing my last peace circle with my EngageDC group at GWU

Gave 7.00 hours between 12/01/2019 and 12/13/2019 with Civic House, UNIV 1005 Civics in the Age of Populism

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Little Friends for Peace (LFFP)

During the LFFP Introductory course I learned a lot of useful skill to apply when serving at LFFP but also in life. One thing I found most helpful during the training is that the people I am serving along with all have the same goal of spreading the message of world peace and no matter how hard it gets when mentoring or etc. to keep trying because it is a slow process. The training also helped to recognizer the power of touch and positive reinforcement when engaging with the children.

Did other training of 2.25 on 09/25/2019 with Civic House, engageDC, George Washington University, UNIV 1005 Civics in the Age of Populism