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School of Business at the Nashman Center Symposium on Community Service

The showcase I found most interesting and impactful was the Tea and Conversation presentation. This initiative was presented by Kiana Lee and a few other students. Their service learning project focused on visiting elderlies in elderly residential homes, interacting with them-through playing games and talking-, to ultimately develop a long term relationship. I think this was especially meaningful to me because I had started a service org in my high school that also centers around the elderly community. I think they are often a neglected part of society, and was very excited to hear that other students also noticed this problem and set out to give attention and care to the elderly.

I attended the panel called “Last Call and Community Engaged Consulting”. I learned that we should really take advantage of the resources provided at GW, to make our own business ideas become reality. Both of the founders for the two organizations were GW students, who received money to fund their business through the Case competition.

Gave 2.00 hours on 04/26/2019 with BADM 1002 11 First Year Development
Martha's Table

The experience was wonderful, I was mainly in charge of cooking for the samples.

Gave 4.73 hours on 03/22/2019 with BADM 1002 11 First Year Development, George Washington University