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GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

These past two weeks, I:
• Cemented logistics regarding the March 8 training (venue, set-up, trainers, times, etc)
• Collaborated with Kayla to send out the March enrichment packet
• Troubleshooted issues with the training date
• Began collecting important dates and staff highlights for the March OSTP newsletter
• Successfully coordinated the staff training on March 8 (set-up, take-down, registration, etc)
Moving forward I will be working on:
• Analyzing the survey feedback from the trainings
• Coordinating site visits to collect information for articles
• Gathering enrichment materials for April
• Discussing the training with my supervisor & beginning to coordinate a May session
• Filling out my quarterly report

Gave 65.00 hours between 02/24/2019 and 03/09/2019 with George Washington University
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

Over the past two weeks, I have:
• Compiled March enrichment materials to send out next month
• Sent out February OSTP Newsletter
• Secured venue and other logistics for the March 8 training
• Compiled contact information for invitees to the staff training
I will be working on:
• Coordinating the March 8 training day (logistics, materials, registration, etc)
• Conducting a site visit to the training
• Inviting guests to the training
• Securing last-minute details for the training & troubleshooting problems that arise

Gave 52.50 hours between 02/10/2019 and 02/23/2019 with George Washington University
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I have worked on/completed:
• Made survey monkey to assess training needs/topics of interest
• Copy-edited January site newsletters
• Met with Vonia regarding responsibilities, questions, assignments, etc.
• Took notes at the monthly meeting with all OSTP staff
• Discussed the upcoming March training with Vonia and Kevin
• Created draft of Feb. newsletter
I will be working on:
• Sending out the completed Feb. newsletter to Vonia
• Copy-editing other site newsletters that come in
• Plan and coordinate the March staff training

Gave 70.00 hours between 01/27/2019 and 02/09/2019 with Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I have been working on:
Obtained access to email, Internet, security clearances, etc.
Went on a school visit with Horacio (Raymond) to see the after-school program in action
Met with Margot & Vonia to go over my VAD
Received instruction for my first training that I will be coordinating
I will be working on:
Planning the event to be held in March
Developing the OSTP Feb. newsletter

Gave 35.00 hours between 01/21/2019 and 01/26/2019 with DCPS Central Office