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GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I have: created student surveys with student information lists & sent them out to coordinators; attended a Learn24 YPQA training; created, edited & distributed the March newsletter to internal & external stakeholders; phone call w/ potential August trainer; assisted with the distribution of summer school materials.
I will: compile information about the August training in preparation for our admin group meeting; go on site visits to gather pictures & stories for the April newsletter; assist with summer school prep.

Gave 70.00 hours between 02/23/2020 and 03/07/2020
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I have: Visited Powell & Bunker Hill to write, take pictures & create articles for the newsletter; Met with Margot & Vonia about august training; Phone calls with potential venue & vendors for August training; Quarterly meeting with Charity; PD at GW; Organized, printed & updated 2019-2020 student surveys to be distributed in March.
I will: Distribute the student surveys & enter that data to create an analysis; Connect with potential vendors for August training.

Gave 68.25 hours between 02/09/2020 and 02/22/2020
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I have: Coordinated & executed the AA training & paraprofessional trainings; Compiled exit surveys & feedback to create an analysis of both training opportunities; Sent the appropriate information to attendees post-training; Wrote, edited & sent the February newsletter to internal & external stakeholders; Compiled OSSE audit information for Margot; Volunteered at a spelling bee.

I will: Conduct site visits to Powell & Bunker Hill for newsletter content; attend a training about the YPQA future plan; Begin the conversation around the August training; Assist Margot with audit responsibilities; Write the March newsletter.

Gave 71.00 hours between 01/26/2020 and 02/08/2020
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I will: Coordinate day-of logistics of the AA & Para trainings; Write, edit & distribute the February Central Office newsletter; Compile documents for the OSSE edit; Conduct site visits for the March newsletter.

Gave 63.00 hours between 01/12/2020 and 01/25/2020
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I will: submit my quarterly report, coordinate & support the 2 January professional development/trainings for Admin Aides & paraprofessionals; go on site visits; write & submit the February newsletter for editing.

Gave 48.50 hours between 12/29/2019 and 01/11/2020
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I will: Co-coordinate the Jan. training for Admin Aides, Send out the Jan. newsletter to internal and external stakeholders, Assist with the GW King week presentation, Assist with EOY documentation for the OSSE audit.

Gave 32.00 hours between 12/15/2019 and 12/28/2019
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I will: complete the Dec. newsletter & get approval from Margot & Vonia; create a draft invite for the Jan. training; edit December site newsletters.

Gave 74.00 hours between 12/01/2019 and 12/14/2019
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I will: compile a list of schools where the Jan. training can take place; attend Dec. PD @ GW; determine specific training materials for the Admin Aide session of the training; schedule site visits for Dec.; write the Jan. newsletter.

Gave 56.00 hours between 11/17/2019 and 11/30/2019
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

I will: submit the Dec. newsletter for approval/schedule it's release for the first week of December, attend the equity meeting, submit the assessment of Bancroft & Truesdell after coming to a consensus with colleagues, attend the DC Scores poetry slam, & visit Whittier.

Gave 76.00 hours between 11/03/2019 and 11/16/2019
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS