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    BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms

    The Symposium on Community-Engaged Scholarship consisted of numerous discussion panels around the 3rd floor of Marvin Center and I had the opportunity to attend the symposium that Dr. Scully hosted. Attendees had chances to discuss their community-engaged initiatives, experiences, and a possible solution to fix sustainability issues.
    I loved discussing and listening to everyone's opinions about how being sustainable plays a big role in our lives and what we can do as a student and an individual to make this world a better place. This symposium truly was a delightful experience.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 04/26/2019 with George Washington University
    BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms
    BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms
    BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms

    GroW Garden offers students and community members in GWU to learn about organic food systems by providing service opportunities like planting seeds inside the Greenhouse located at SEH and working collaboratively with others at the garden located right across from Amsterdam Hall. For the first half of today's service, I had the opportunity to visit the greenhouse and learned how to plant various seeds like zucchini, peppers, and even beans. After planting the seeds, I went down to the garden to help others by distributing the fertilizer evenly and weeding the ground. Even though it was windy today, I learned and had so much fun helping the gardening community by working together with others.
    Email : (gwgardenmanager@gmail.com)

    Gave 2.00 hours on 03/31/2019 with George Washington University
    BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms
    Volunteer Opportunities at DC Central Kitchen

    On Friday, March 22nd (today), I had the opportunity to serve at the DC Central Kitchen by myself with other students from different schools. When I first arrived, all volunteers had a small orientation to briefly learn about the history of DC Central kitchen and what our major task is. DC Central Kitchen's main duty is to prepare food every morning and evening from the help of other volunteers. At the kitchen, my task was to help and work collaboratively with other students by chopping celery, sweet potatoes, wash beans, and even remove the chicken bones and divide only the meat part. Even though it was less than 3 hours, I still had fun and got to interact with other students and was able to serve the people in need.

    Gave 2.75 hours on 03/22/2019 with BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms, George Washington University
    BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms

    My task was to clean the oysters inside the red basket and to clean the sink thoroughly.

    Gave 1.17 hours on 03/18/2019 with George Washington University
    Little Friends for Peace (LFFP)

    On March 13th, I've visited Little Friends For Peace as a one time volunteer. Located right next to the Walker Jones Education Campus, LFFP provides after class activities like drawing or coloring and assistance with homework to kids. After talking and having an orientation with MJ, the founder and the director of LFFP, I went right into the classroom to greet the kids. At LFFP, I had the opportunity to introduce my self briefly to the kids and to play with them such as coloring the paper book or building lego blocks. Being a school cheerleader, I also had a fun time by teaching them some basic cheer moves. Even though it was a short period amount of time, I was happy that I was able to help the kids in need and to help both staffers and the kids at LFFP.

    Gave 2.33 hours on 03/13/2019 with BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms, George Washington University
    BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms

    This project involves in going to certain restaurants around campus to pick up oyster shells, bring them to the lab (Bell Hall) to clean them and dry them before placing them in the collection bin downstairs on the 1st floor. Once they're all dried, the biology department will bring them to Chesapeake Bay foundation facility. Being one of the group members of this group, I went to the lab to clean oyster shells thoroughly and dried them on the bucket.

    Gave 1.83 hours on 02/25/2019 with George Washington University
    BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms

    For this years MLK Day of Service, I spent my holiday with my GW Cheer team giving back to the community by volunteering service commitment. We also teamed up other student organizations to work as a group together. Our assignment was held off campus at Walker Education Center, prekindergarten through 8th-grade community-based school whose mission is to provide an equal educational environment with 4R titles: Ready, Responsible, Resilient, and Respectful. Our project was to paint multiplication tables in stairwells and quotes in bathrooms.
    Every participant for this project was randomly grouped to 6 people and was assigned to paint in a variety of locations around the campus. Our group’s job was to paint the bathroom walls a table with quotes and 4R’s included. To represent the GW color Buff & Blue, our volunteer leaders brought both sky and dark blue for us to represent Blue over yellow walls. To paint on the wall neat and visually plausible, we used artist tapes to draw straight lines when painting a table. We worked collaboratively and built teamwork throughout the service. Some would stick the tapes and draw the lines over, some would paint the texts on the right box, or and some would help each other by giving last touches to make the texts more visually attractive by including small drawings next to words.
    When we were done with painting, the faces the kids will have when they come back to school had immediately made us smile and proud of what we’ve given to the kids.
    This project had taught me many lessons that can’t be taught on campus. Not only we built and perform teamwork with other student organizations outside of practice, but each of us were also able to share our artistic talents through service learning. I also learned that service commitment doesn’t have to be something critical, it can be something fun. As an art student, I was extra excited to serve because painting is something that I feel confident in doing.
    I’m glad I was able to spend my day off giving service to the community, who are already giving me so much in my life, an opportunity to get educated in this country. MLK Day of service taught me and my teammates the joy of giving back what we have, and the joy of helping others.

    Gave 5.30 hours on 01/21/2019 with George Washington University