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GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

10/20-11/2 Goals
-Fall Festival and Field Day preparations
-Classroom spelling bee support
-Create partnerships newsletter template
-Meet with new partners
-Solidify MLK day plan
-Update partnerships tracker
-Create field trips tracker

Gave 76.50 hours between 10/05/2019 and 10/18/2019

This Impact is private

GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

Goals for upcoming week
-finish outreach on after-school clubs -> Wednesday Folder flyer
-Family engagement - transfer student docs, enrollment audit docs, Literacy Night parent volunteer coordination, PTSA newsletter blurb
-Partnerships - DC Water outreach for Fall Festival, create a newsletter, October communications, afterschool hiring outreach

I feel like last week was really positive and productive. Slightly overwhelming after my check-in for sure, but feeling like I have a direction at least.

Gave 82.50 hours between 09/07/2019 and 09/21/2019
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

Very tired, very ready to be done with this week. Feeling like I have good goals set and good support to meet those goals, now it's just finding/structuring my time to meet all of them. Still kinda weird being introduced as an intern when I'm more than a year out of school. Very blessed to be at my school though, I've noticed a lot of tasks have become easy because I have the relationships established to get buy-in from folks, which is nice to feel like I'm finally a fixture and staff member in the school. A lot to look forward to in my work and my personal growth but I've also made a lot of gains already so far so I need to remember that.

Gave 73.00 hours between 08/24/2019 and 09/06/2019 with Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

It's been a good if not a bit nerve-wracking start to the school year. I'm excited to see what this year will bring in terms of growth for myself as well as for the school and community. I'm glad I have the opportunity to build on the work Amy started and passed on to me last year, and plan to be more creative throughout my work to accomplish the goals of my school.

Gave 91.00 hours between 08/10/2019 and 08/23/2019 with Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service
Spring 2019 Nashman Center Symposium on Community Engaged Scholarship

Amazing to see how much the Symposium has grown - definitely thinking of how to better connect schools with the resources and knowledge at GW.

Gave 3.00 hours on 04/26/2019 with GW AmeriCorps VISTAS, Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service
GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

2/24-3/9 Accomplishments
-Story of our Schools meeting, Payne Open House, Panorama survey prep
-Spring Summit planning meetings with Ox and Carla
-Attended after-school clubs; PK4, K, 5th grade APTT meetings; School Food Advisory Board meeting; PTSA Teacher Meet & Greet; Nashman Center equitable development meeting; and ArtReach Taste of Southeast Gallery opening
-March community partner outreach with school calendar and updates
-Discussion with Homeless Liaison (Mr. Workman) about DCPS services & Payne needs
-Panorama survey!
-Read Harry Potter to 4th & 5th grade for My Favorite Book Club

3/10-3/23 Goals
-Panorama survey!!!! (for families)
-Science Fair and STEM field trip planning
-A lot of events with the Washington Nationals????
-Higher Achievement interview support
-DHOH family focus group
-Pennies for Patients pizza party!
-Send Community Partner Spring Summit invitations

Gave 92.50 hours between 02/23/2019 and 03/08/2019 with Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service

This Impact is private

This Impact is private