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  • Impacts

    Changemaker Week 2021

    I thoroughly enjoyed Changemaker Week this year! It was great to have such a plethora of resources that were provided and the opportunity to dive into them at our own pace, yet still engage in such thoughtful reflective practices.

    Did environmental training of 4.00 on 02/27/2021
    ARISE High School

    My group did really well today! They all worked together and were giving out answers both aloud and in the chat to understand the different basic interactions and provide examples.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 02/25/2021 with BISC 1008 10 Understanding Organisms Tara Scully
    ARISE High School

    I loved meeting the students! They interacted a lot more than I expected and I look forward to working with them this semester!

    Gave 1.00 hour on 02/18/2021 with BISC 1008 10 Understanding Organisms Tara Scully
    In the Streets

    Thus far, we have worked on anger management - he is now doing yoga and meditations on a regular basis, housing and insurance, substance reduction and coping mechanisms, activities - spending time at the gym and the community center, building up basketball skills, and college and career readiness skills - resume building, LinkedIn account, and attending professional and networking events to improve professional and Zoom etiquette.

    Gave 17.46 hours between 01/25/2021 and 02/18/2021 with HSSJ 2172 10 Adult Development Sangeeta Prasad
    YesSheCanCampaign Remote Internship

    I have assisted with the internship program, HR duties, fundraising efforts, team meetings, and grant writing efforts for the program and organization.

    Gave 17.00 hours between 01/09/2021 and 02/18/2021
    YesSheCanCampaign Remote Internship

    It was another great semester working with YSCC! It has been great to see some of the students we worked with last year grow into amazing young women who got accepted into multiple universities! The students showed off how much their hard work can pay off, were very creative, and very vulnerable. We learned a lot about running the internship for this semester, and I also had the opportunity to plan our Giving Tuesday Fundraiser and 4 year Anniversary Gala. Overall, a busy but amazing semester with YSCC and I am looking forward to what's in store for next semester.

    Gave 94.75 hours between 10/16/2020 and 12/10/2020 with HSSJ 3152 10 Fact/Field/Fiction: HSSJ Emily Morrison
    Civic Leadership Dialogues 2020-2021
    District of Columbia Sociological Society

    It has been such an interesting experience creating tools, receiving responses and feedback, and working with an association organization. Through the highs and lows, this experience informed me on whether conducting evaluations for organizations I have not worked with before is a career path I would want to take.

    Gave 50.00 hours between 09/17/2020 and 12/07/2020 with HSSJ 3100W 10 Program Planning & Evaluation Michelle Kelso
    Workshop: Constant Conversation: the Makings of a Servant Leader

    This was such an amazing workshop! Very thorough and really emphasized mindfulness as we engage with communities.

    Gave 1.33 hours on 09/12/2020

    I have loved working with YSCC as usual! So far, I have assisted with program planning, facilitating partnerships, trainings/onboarding for new members, and live workshops for the internship program.

    Gave 27.25 hours between 09/03/2020 and 10/15/2020 with HSSJ 3152 10 Fact/Field/Fiction: HSSJ Emily Morrison