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Public Service Grant Commission Application
Dear Applicant, Thanks for applying for PSGC funds! Applicants can request between $500 and $2500, to be used in support of any action-orientated community service project or initiative. In conjunction with the submission of an application, please be prepared to upload: A Letter of Community Partner Support and a completed PSGC Budget Template. For a link to the budget template click here. For a link to tips for a good PSGC proposal click here.
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Your Information

Project Information

Please format your response: Name, GW Email, Phone
e.g. G12345678
Please format your response: Name, GW Email, Phone
Please format your response: Organization Name, Primary Contact Full Name, Organization Address, Email, and Phone
NOTE: The file needs to be a signed letter of support from the point of contact at your community partner. Can be in either DOCX or PDF format.
NOTE: If the project is already in progress please identify the date the project started.
NOTE: If the project is on-going please set this date as the end of the current academic year
Funding for PSGC can range between $500.00 to $2,500.00

Project Details

Enhancement Project: An action orientated project that proposes an additional service component, which seeks to meet an organization’s mission. Enhancement projects may propose an additional component of service to bolster the organization’s capacity to meet its mission. Example: Providing hot lunches to students involved in a non­profit organization that specializing in increasing literacy rates of underserved youth.

Innovation Project: A wholly unique focused action­orientated solution that proposes a new approach meeting a pressing community need. May or may not be in partnership with an existing organization. Example: Starting a baseball skills training camp to address issues of childhood obesity, life skills and athletic development for young men in Ward 8 of Washington DC.

i.e. Hunger and Homelessness, Gender Equity, Food Security, etc.
i.e. Direct service, Indirect service, Community outreach/organizing, etc.
NOTE: This includes explaining in detail how you plan to create a sustainable program model to assist the project's beneficiaries in supporting their issue work beyond PSGC funding.

Project Impact

Please format your response: Zip code, Ward, Neighborhood/Community name
Please format your response: # of overall participants, # of GW Faculty, Students and Staff, # of Community Partners, # of Community Residents
i.e. Are participants engaging in the program activities, facilitating sessions, etc
NOTE: Please list as is appears on the organization's website/brochure/other promotional materials
NOTE: If this is an innovation project please tell us about the research you’ve done to determine that this is a unique approach to meeting a pressing community need.

Project Metrics

i.e. Data from program surveys you created, number of meals served, numbers of donations, etc.
i.e. An increased literacy rate for pre‐schoolers in Ward 5 of Washington DC.
i.e. Will you have feedback forms, are you assessing your participants with the information from your community partner, are you creating a program survey, etc.

Project Budget

NOTE: A template is available in the application description and should be saved in XLSX or CSV format
i.e. Is the budget primarily for programmatic expenses, administrative expenses, etc.
Please format your response: XX%

Additional Information

i.e. resume(s), photos of the program (if already in progress), promotional flyers, analytics from your project's social media presence (if applicable)