COMM 1041 Interpersonal Communication

Thank you for all your work last semester. Please help us learn about your course and service through this brief survey:

Fall courses close for hour submission this week so make sure you logged all of your service hours. Want a fast way to check? Take a peek at your service transcript screen shots to help you through the process here:

If you don't see your hours here, we don't have them and neither does your community partner. If you are hoping for a service award at graduation, the deadline is April 24th. April 24th is the last day to submit your service hours. To learn more about award levels for service, please click here:

Thanks for serving!
Hello Community Engaged Scholars,
Thank you for your learning, research and service to our GW and DC communities this semester.

Surveys and Cookies
We have a survey that we’d like you to complete it is anonymous but we will be able to see how many students in each course complete the survey. All courses with a 75% or better survey completion by Midnight Dec. 11th will be eligible to pick up a free cookie from the Nashman Center on Friday the 13th (winners announced the morning of Dec. 12th). The survey will ask you to click the box for your course (so there is the potential to get many cookies if you are in more than one designated class). The survey link is here

Be a guest blogger
We’ve heard great stories from a variety of research and service sites this semester and we invite you to share them with the community. If you or a team of students and your community partner would like to blog about your service or research experiences this semester, we’d love to email your words may inspire more students to serve and engage with your community partner. We’d love to publish your work!

Take your community engaged scholarship beyond GW publish/present/secure funding
You’ve done the work and submitted the papers-why not consider publishing or presenting your work or applying for a fellowship so that the field can learn from you and your community partners can benefit. Here are some great places to get started:
Check out our blog we are constantly adding new places to publish and present community engaged work many of these calls are looking for student research-other calls will allow you to present with faculty
Get funding (up to $10,000) to support and expand your community engaged work through a Knapp Fellowship proposals due May 24th
Present your work at GWU research days (you’ve already done this work in your classes-so why not) and be considered for the Nashman Prize
Extend your work with funding from the Public Service Grant Commission
Work with your community partner on a project for peace grant
If your work community engaged work with organizations centers sustainability-apply for the eco-equity challenge
Watch this space and submit your writing on your work in the DC community for the Julian Clement Chase Prize

It’s the last week of classes don’t leave any impact hours unsubmitted!
Classes are over soon don’t forget to put all of your hours into givepulse now so that they can be approved before Dec. 21st when winter break begins. Fall classes will close for hour submission on Dec. 22nd. You are eligible for awards and recognition at graduation for the hours your serve during your time at GW

Please visit email to view the email attachment-"Nashnan Student Opportunities Slides.pptx"
Registration for the Symposium will close TONIGHT at midnight Dec. 1st. All students must register to attend whether you are presenting or not in order to both get class credit and be included in the lunch count please click here

For more information on the symposium and how to create a showcase presentation click these links (you’ll see a button with a link for information for presenters). The link answers most of the frequently asked questions about what presenting at the symposium looks like.
-If you have not already done so, please visit the link below to register for the Symposium.

-Please click visit the link below to learn more about the Symposium's format.

***Also, when you are at your service site, please be sure to take a picture of yourself or classmates serving. These pictures will be used in a Power Point at the Symposium highlighting your classes community engaged scholarship.***
***Please email me this photo. You can contact me through your class page on Give Pulse, I am an admin.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
In the "Documents" section, I added a PDF names "Nashman Student Opportunities Slides - Community Engaged Scholarship Courses." If you are interested to continue work in the community, be sure to check out this Power Point for grant and project opportunities.

If you have any questions about the Power Point, submitting impacts, preparation for the symposium, etc., don't hesitate to ask.
Just a reminder, be sure to log your hours on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
Do NOT log all of your service hours at the last minute.

If you have not yet done so, be sure to complete this online service waiver. Completion of this survey (online service waiver) is a requirement for all CES courses. **This survey will probably take you less than 3 minutes to complete.**
Service waiver link:

Also, be sure to log your hours on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Do NOT log all of your service hours at the last minute.
If you forgot how to add an impact, please visit the "Documents" tab and click "Communication 1041, Adding Impacts." As a reminder, be sure to add your impact under your community partner, NOT your class.

Also, be sure to complete the service waiver before you begin serving.
Service waiver link:
If the link for the service waiver is not working on givepulse, please visit this link to complete the service waiver:

The link to the course is here:

**Note: You need to be logged into givepulse to complete the service waiver.**
Do not refer to the "DCCK sign up;" shifts that were left blank have been cancelled. If you still need to sign up for DCCK shifts, please visit

**Before you begin serving, you must fill out this online service waiver.**
Service waiver link: