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GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

Danielle Ciaurro

11/4-11/17 Accomplishments
-Successful Joyful Food Market with Thanksgiving theme despite conflicts with school schedule
-Program introduction for third grade classes with Washington Ballet; planning for field trip
-Coordinated outreach with school social worker and foster grandparent to receive Thanksgiving donation
-Assisted with canned & dry goods drive / Thanksgiving social
-Started social media strategy with point of contact to pass on responsibility
-Assessment of room to be renovated for washer &dryer installation with plumbing contractor

Gave 65.00 hours between 11/03/2018 and 11/16/2018 with George Washington University
Kayla Sykes

Been working on:
-Finalizing and testing the Observation Rubric
-Site visit to Garrison to test out the Observation Rubric in the field
-Developing November Enrichment Packet for analysts and coordinators
-Working on the Spring 2018 APR Report (due Nov 16th)

Main upcoming projects:
-Finalize and submit the Spring 2018 APR Report
-Start working on the End of Year Report (due Nov 30th)
-Develop Parent Engagement Tracker system

Gave 75.00 hours between 10/21/2018 and 11/03/2018 with DCPS Central Office
Danielle Ciaurro

10/21-11/3 Accomplishments
-Secured donations of lightly used uniforms to be reused by the school for new students
-Preparations for Principal's Cabinet
-First Principal's Cabinet meeting!
-Preparations for Christmas Give-a-Gift & Defense Intelligence agency donation partnerships
-Invitations sent to community partners for Joyful Food Market
-Preparations for Fall Festival including game-making, decorating
-Fall Festival!
-Social media/Communications strategic planning

11/4-11/17 Goals
-Second Joyful Food Market
-Garnering support for PTA positions
-MLK Day of Service site visit
-Build & implement social media structure for planning & scheduling

Gave 81.00 hours between 10/20/2018 and 11/02/2018 with Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service
Kayla Sykes

Been working on:
-Helped complete the Grant Continuation Report where needed (submitted)
-Analyzed survey results from analysts and coordinators and contributed to the 4th Quarterly Report (submitted)
-Input data necessary for the Spring 2018 APR report (due November 16th)

Main upcoming projects:
-Continuing to input/analyze data for the Spring 2018 APR report
-Meeting with Margot to discuss next set of projects

Gave 75.00 hours between 10/07/2018 and 10/20/2018 with DCPS Central Office
Danielle Ciaurro

10/6-10/20 Accomplishments
-Partnership tracker & database completed
-Set dates for family engagement events for the year
-Grant & donor research
-Secured 75 tickets for a Washington Wizards game
-Researched contractors for in-kind labor donations
-Beautified Parent Center with new bulletin boards

10/21-11/3 Goals
-Plan for next Joyful Food Market - chef's demo, smoother class transitions, more activities for students
-Hold first Principal's Cabinet meeting
-Hold Fall Festival
-Plan for Thanksgiving food drive
-Start up Washington Ballet program

Gave 78.00 hours between 10/05/2018 and 10/19/2018 with Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service
Kayla Sykes

Been working on:
- Reviewing all 21CCLC (our grant) and OSSE performance indicators
- Determining whether we met/did not meet each performance indicator using the data we collected through teacher, parent, and student surveys and through the DCPS Data Request Tool
- Updating school-level information for the Continuation Grant Report submission (due Oct 17th)

Main upcoming projects:
- Analyzing responses from school analysts and coordinators to construct the Quarterly Report (due Oct 15th)
- Continuing to enter data for the Spring 2018 APR Report (due Nov 16th)

Gave 77.00 hours between 09/23/2018 and 10/06/2018 with DCPS Central Office
Danielle Ciaurro

Achievements 9/23-10/6:
-Outreach for several items on school wishlist & contacted potential partners
-Updated partnerships tracker & DCPS partnerships database
-Organized & executed first Joyful Food Market of the year!
-Attended staff committee meetings
-Input all survey data from Back-to-School Night

Goals 10/7-10/20:
-Assist in planning voter registration drive
-Fully update DCPS Partnerships database & school's tracker
-Meet with new potential partners
-Research on large grants for City Year program
-Preparations for Fall Festival (pumpkin & haybail donation, banner)
-Continue attending staff committee meetings, assist with their goals where possible (e.g. walkie talkies for safety committee)

Gave 77.50 hours between 09/22/2018 and 10/05/2018 with Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service
Kayla Sykes

Been working on:
- Evaluating survey responses from parents, teachers, and students in Excel
- Writing report summarizing survey responses
- Generating graphs in Excel to visually represent most important survey results
- Developing poster to summarize survey results
- Entering data for the Spring 2018 Annual Performance Review (APR) report

Main upcoming projects:
- Continue entering data for the Spring 2018 APR report (due November 16th)
- Continue designing the poster summarizing the survey results and hang in the office

Gave 80.00 hours between 09/09/2018 and 09/22/2018 with DCPS Central Office