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GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

Danielle Ciaurro

Amazing to see how much the Symposium has grown - definitely thinking of how to better connect schools with the resources and knowledge at GW.

Gave 3.00 hours on 04/26/2019 with GW AmeriCorps VISTAS, Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service
Kayla Sykes

Been working on:
-Collecting CBO trackers from coordinators for the Fall 2018 APR Report
-Sent out the March Enrichment Packet to the coordinators on March 6th, which included resources related to Women's History Month, St. Patrick's Day, Daylight Savings Time, Dr. Seuss, etc.
-Calculating the teacher, parent, and student survey response rates per site for last year to determine best practices for higher survey response rates this year

Main upcoming projects:
-Presenting the survey response rate results to Margot and Vonia and discussing our survey approach for this year
-Complete the Fall 2018 APR Report once it becomes available online
-Getting the student survey ready for distribution by the end of March (and finalizing our student survey sample size)

Gave 61.50 hours between 02/24/2019 and 03/09/2019 with DCPS Central Office
Lauren Miller

These past two weeks, I:
• Cemented logistics regarding the March 8 training (venue, set-up, trainers, times, etc)
• Collaborated with Kayla to send out the March enrichment packet
• Troubleshooted issues with the training date
• Began collecting important dates and staff highlights for the March OSTP newsletter
• Successfully coordinated the staff training on March 8 (set-up, take-down, registration, etc)
Moving forward I will be working on:
• Analyzing the survey feedback from the trainings
• Coordinating site visits to collect information for articles
• Gathering enrichment materials for April
• Discussing the training with my supervisor & beginning to coordinate a May session
• Filling out my quarterly report

Gave 65.00 hours between 02/24/2019 and 03/09/2019 with George Washington University
Danielle Ciaurro

2/24-3/9 Accomplishments
-Story of our Schools meeting, Payne Open House, Panorama survey prep
-Spring Summit planning meetings with Ox and Carla
-Attended after-school clubs; PK4, K, 5th grade APTT meetings; School Food Advisory Board meeting; PTSA Teacher Meet & Greet; Nashman Center equitable development meeting; and ArtReach Taste of Southeast Gallery opening
-March community partner outreach with school calendar and updates
-Discussion with Homeless Liaison (Mr. Workman) about DCPS services & Payne needs
-Panorama survey!
-Read Harry Potter to 4th & 5th grade for My Favorite Book Club

3/10-3/23 Goals
-Panorama survey!!!! (for families)
-Science Fair and STEM field trip planning
-A lot of events with the Washington Nationals????
-Higher Achievement interview support
-DHOH family focus group
-Pennies for Patients pizza party!
-Send Community Partner Spring Summit invitations

Gave 92.50 hours between 02/23/2019 and 03/08/2019 with Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service