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GW AmeriCorps VISTAS

Emma Hugonnet

The past two weeks have been fairly slow-moving. I am beginning to get things in order for next year and whoever replaces me. I had a chance to meet with our APAF partners and create a plan for the end of this year and continuing into SY 20-21. I am continuing to work closely with the PTO and provide resources for teachers via their wishlist initiative. I am hoping to begin working on parental involvement via the auction sometime soon.

Gave 80.00 hours between 02/23/2020 and 03/06/2020 with George Washington University
Lauren Miller

I have: created student surveys with student information lists & sent them out to coordinators; attended a Learn24 YPQA training; created, edited & distributed the March newsletter to internal & external stakeholders; phone call w/ potential August trainer; assisted with the distribution of summer school materials.
I will: compile information about the August training in preparation for our admin group meeting; go on site visits to gather pictures & stories for the April newsletter; assist with summer school prep.

Gave 70.00 hours between 02/23/2020 and 03/07/2020
Danielle Ciaurro

-Jumpstart consent forms
-Continuous family engagement
-Enrollment prep
-Multicultural reads day (Read Across America)
-Coffee with the Principal
-Day in the Life Series prep
-Pennies for Patients campaign wrap up
-Field trip assistance
-DEA baseball program kickoff

-Finalize enrollment flyer & language
-Math night
-Day in the Life series
-Pennies for Patients wrap up report
-Continuous family communications

Gave 73.50 hours between 02/22/2020 and 03/06/2020 with Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service, Payne Elementary School
Lauren Miller

I have: Visited Powell & Bunker Hill to write, take pictures & create articles for the newsletter; Met with Margot & Vonia about august training; Phone calls with potential venue & vendors for August training; Quarterly meeting with Charity; PD at GW; Organized, printed & updated 2019-2020 student surveys to be distributed in March.
I will: Distribute the student surveys & enter that data to create an analysis; Connect with potential vendors for August training.

Gave 68.25 hours between 02/09/2020 and 02/22/2020
Danielle Ciaurro

2/9-2/22 Accomplishments
-panorama survey family outreach
-Pennies for patients campaign
-students record-keeping: enrollments, withdrawals, filing records
-continuous family engagement via Payne Post, Wednesday Folders, PTSA collaboration
-assisted onboarding new MSL
-Reading Rocks and Jumpstart management

2/23-3/7 Goals
-Finalize reading Rocks parent volunteer schedule, recruit more volunteers
-Wednesday Folders, March calendar
-Resume partner communications
-Wrap up P4P fundraising
-Science fair outreach
-DEA youth baseball academy student outreach, parent communication, and program start

Gave 73.50 hours between 02/08/2020 and 02/21/2020 with Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service, Payne Elementary School
Lauren Miller

I have: Coordinated & executed the AA training & paraprofessional trainings; Compiled exit surveys & feedback to create an analysis of both training opportunities; Sent the appropriate information to attendees post-training; Wrote, edited & sent the February newsletter to internal & external stakeholders; Compiled OSSE audit information for Margot; Volunteered at a spelling bee.

I will: Conduct site visits to Powell & Bunker Hill for newsletter content; attend a training about the YPQA future plan; Begin the conversation around the August training; Assist Margot with audit responsibilities; Write the March newsletter.

Gave 71.00 hours between 01/26/2020 and 02/08/2020
Lauren Miller

I will: Coordinate day-of logistics of the AA & Para trainings; Write, edit & distribute the February Central Office newsletter; Compile documents for the OSSE edit; Conduct site visits for the March newsletter.

Gave 63.00 hours between 01/12/2020 and 01/25/2020
Lauren Miller

I will: submit my quarterly report, coordinate & support the 2 January professional development/trainings for Admin Aides & paraprofessionals; go on site visits; write & submit the February newsletter for editing.

Gave 48.50 hours between 12/29/2019 and 01/11/2020