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Courses: Community Engaged Scholarship

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R 3:30-6:00 · Michelle Kelso

Program planning and evaluation activities are essential to organizations, governments and businesses. We will begin class by delving into evaluation, reviewing research methods, and planning and implementing evaluation research. Through case studies and on-site field experiences, students will anal...
SociologyThe Columbian College of Arts and Sciences15692.0047

W 12:45-3:15 · Emily Morrison

Fact field fiction
SociologyThe Columbian College of Arts and Sciences132262.2075

TR 11:10AM-12:25PM · Jodi Kanter

This course focuses on the efficacy of using the arts to address issues within our society. The students will examine produced works of representative 20th and 21st century playwrights, which address violence aganist women, gender inequality, homophobia, racism, trauma of war, Nativism, religious di...
Theatre and DanceThe Columbian College of Arts and Sciences811.004

T 4:10-6:00pm MPA BO7 · Tara Scully

World on a Plate SUST 3003
SustainabilityThe Columbian College of Arts and Sciences95818.95379

T/R 1:00-2:15pm · David Dagan de Picciotto

Populist movements are reshaping politics in Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world. This course explores various explanations for the populist wave and considers its implications for the future of liberal democracy, particularly in the United States. We will then examine precedents...
University SeminarThe Columbian College of Arts and Sciences20273.00102

W 11:10-12:25 TOMP 303 · Alicia Bitler

Students who want to explore teaching careers become familiar with lesson plan development by writing, teaching, and observing lessons in an elementary school classroom. While students build and practice inquiry-based lesson design skills, they also become familiar with and practice classroom manage...
GW TeachThe Columbian College of Arts and Sciences67.006