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Shruthi Nagarajan

This course will combine community-based activities, which take you out into the community to educate them on ecological issues, agricultural problems related to other organisms, and other environmental issues that you will learn in the course. Teams will design, collaborate, and/or implement an act...
BiologyColumbian College of Arts and Sciences1001930.54899

Peyton Paradiso

BADM 1002 Section 15
Business AdministrationSchool of Business48217.9968

Peyton Paradiso

BADM 1002 Section 16
Business AdministrationSchool of Business43213.9967

Christopher Klemek

Washington DC History, Culture and Politics is a unique course that promotes civic engagement through varied activities, including service learning, archival research, writing (as well as revising) interpretations of local urban history, and finally the presentation of a city's past to the comm...
HistoryColumbian College of Arts and Sciences4160.0828

Jennie Whitlock

BADM 1002 Section 17
Business AdministrationSchool of Business36163.9957

Pamela Presser

University Writing Prof. Presser
University WritingColumbian College of Arts and Sciences36418.83121

Gaetano Lotrecchiano

Health, technology, social, and environmental problems impacting our world are complex and we are increasingly able to address them through collaborative scientific pursuit. This type of scientific challenge necessitates cross-disciplinary engagement and a high level of collaboration, sometimes refe...
Clinical Research and LeadershipSchool of Medicine and Health Sciences320.000

Pamela Presser

UW 1020 M 45 University Writing
University WritingColumbian College of Arts and Sciences32592.50200

Lalit Narayan

The George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences is committed to enriching medical students' education with meaningful, community-based learning experiences that promote health equity and advance the health of the community in which the University resides. In 2019, the school launched a ...
School of Medicine and Health Sciences29134.5840

TR 4:45-6:00pm · Abbie Weiner

The purpose of this course is to provide students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the theories and principles of interpersonal communication simultaneous within a service-learning environment.
CommunicationThe Columbian College of Arts and Sciences26463.16213

M 3:30-6:00pm · David Lee

BME 4920W and 4925 W are Biomedical Engineering's Capstone Design sequence. Students work in teams to solve problems in human health posed by clinicians and researchers who act as clients. Students work with their clients to define what their device must do and how well it must perform. They then cr...
Biomedical EngineeringSchool of Engineering and Applied Sciences241430.0011

Jennie Whitlock

BADM 1002 Section 13
Business AdministrationSchool of Business24101.3432

Lindsay Jacoby

Environmental Justice in Washington, D.C. As a community engaged scholarship course, this class combines academic learning about environmental justice with real-world experiences in environmental activism and earth stewardship. In the classroom, we will explore the environmental justice movement and...
University WritingColumbian College of Arts and Sciences22344.29128

Jennie Whitlock

BADM 1002 Section 14
Business AdministrationSchool of Business2175.7529

Michelle Kelso

HSSJ Course
SociologyColumbian College of Arts and Sciences211167.89160

Christopher Oliver

BADM 1002 Section 11
Business AdministrationBusiness School2091.9625

M/W 10:00-11:15 and hybrid class Fridays · Phyllis Ryder

University Writing Professor RyderOur city is a powerful place to learn how to read structures of power and mobilize for change. Washington, D.C. houses the world's most powerful political leaders and institutions.  Yet, just a few miles from the National Mall, children rush home from school to...
University WritingThe Columbian College of Arts and Sciences20351.86142

Kelsey Roman

BADM 1002  Section 21
Business AdministrationSchool of Business2074.0023

Mary Rothemich

BADM 1002 20 First Year Development
Business AdministrationSchool of Business1991.7532

Carly Whitmer

BADM 1002 Section 23
Business AdministrationSchool of Business1964.0018