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Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci01149.25428

Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci01016.50228

Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci01276.75352

Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci01218.75358

Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci01270.20410

Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci0582.50208

Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci0989.75345


Course Description:The evolution of life on earth; the value of other organisms, their role in our world, and how humans can cause harm to this infrastructure. Students work with a community partner to perform activities that assist the partner while reinforcing course concepts. Information on ...
Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci0891.14352

Welcome to this service project. This is an intermediate studio course in typography. Topics covered include typographic vocabulary, terminology, history, technology, classification, measurement, and syntax. Projects explore audience, structure/syntax, content/meaning, visual hierarchy, and aes...
Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci0272.2043

Brand identity systems and programs. Iterative design process used to develop a cohesive and comprehensive branding program, with the developed brand identity applied to print, motion, and web media. A grade of C or above is required in the prerequisite course. Prerequisites: CGD 2090. Same As: CDE ...
Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci0227.5030

Design lab with a focus on social, environmental, and community impact. Project teams collaborate with a community partner to identify and respond to local challenges that might be addressed through interaction design processes and skills. Materials fee.If your professor says you need it, here is th...
Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci00.000

Course Description Study and practice of verbal and nonverbal communication in ritual, information and perspective sharing, problem solving, and relationship formation, maintenance, and dissolution. Designed to raise awareness of the complexity and power of the communication process in daily li...
Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci0105.2235

Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci00.000

Columbian Coll of Arts & Sci00.000


No College Designated0697.81219

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