The Flutter Project


We are an up and coming organization that offers free English tutoring services to underprivileged students in Indonesia. It isn't entirely based in D.C. as we have tutors from across the country and in Indonesia, but we would welcome GW students to help volunteer for our program!
Link to register:
•What do volunteers DO?
Minimum Time
Weekly service minimum? (is one hour per week enough?)
Minimum commitment (is a 15-week semester enough?)
Schedule for Service Opportunities
e.g. after school programs require availability from 3:30-6pm
Is weekend service an option?
Background Checks: What is required?
Particularly note if metro accessible
Also note if remote service or in-person supplemented with remote service is an option
IMPORTANT: Make it clear how to get started!
If a student wants to serve with you, what do they do?
Register on your website? Register on GWServes? Email you? Apply?
Sustainable Development Goals
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