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Capital Clubhouse is a community-based non-profit organization that serves individuals whose lives have been disrupted by mental illness by helping them achieve their goals of employment, education, and connection to community. The beneficiaries of Capital Clubhouses’ program, who are referred to as members rather than patients, come to the Clubhouse to engage in our programming and be part of an uplifting community. Our Clubhouse serves more than 40 active members in the DMV area with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The foundation of Clubhouse is the work ordered day, where members and staff work together on a variety of tasks central to the operation of the Clubhouse, such as posting on social media, reaching out to absent members, or cooking lunch. By design, staff are so few that, without the commitment of the members, the Clubhouse would not continue operating. The therapeutic value for members stems from working as a member of a team, and having a place to belong. Through their work on Clubhouse tasks, members develop and refine skills to apply in future work environments or in their daily life. The Clubhouse also offers its members assistance in pursuing goals of education and employment through formal and informal activities, such as our weekly job talk focused on preparing for employment or skill development opportunities available through completing tasks. Clubhouse impacts the lives of our members  immensely; our structured programming provides them the opportunity to learn and achieve their goals in a supportive community focused on highlighting their abilities and strengths.

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