The Occupational Therapy Program at GW


Welcome to the GWServes page for the Occupational Therapy Program at George Washington University. We use this platform to communicate about our community engagement initiatives. 

Please report your own community engagement.

Review the Projects section below to find service initiatives you have worked with. Click the project, and from the resulting page click "Add Impact" (you do not need to register first). 

If you don't see your service initiative below, navigate to the community organization's GWServes page by using the "Explore" tab above. From that page, click the "Add Impact" button. Be sure to "share" that impact with the Occupational Therapy program (you'll have to click the Join button above first to be able to do that).

If you have questions about reporting your community engagement activities:

Explore your creativity and gain the tools for making an impact on society and humankind as an Occupational Therapy (OT) graduate from The George Washington University (GW). The GW OT philosophy empowers people and diverse communities for meaningful engagement in life activities that promote inclusion and human flourishing in society. Occupational therapists strive to help others live a meaningful and productive life. The GW OT program believes people achieve health and well-being when participating in life activities and are included in the fabric of society.

22 People | 39 Impacts | 315 Hours | 8,976 Total Economic Impact