Foggy Bottom West End Senior Villages



Foggy Bottom West End Village is a nonprofit membership organization that provides services for its members to help them comfortably age in their community by supplying social events, health support, and many other offerings. The Village’s work goes beyond just neighbors helping neighbors, as members get to know one another and enhance and enrich each other’s lives.

We love our shared community and provide a valuable service to an important population in our neighborhood. The Village creates a network to share information and expertise, build new friendships, and help one another in times of need. When neighbors get to know each other the entire community grows stronger. This strong community revolves around a group of vetted, trained volunteers who provide services under the direction of our Executive Director.

Social and educational activities may include restaurant outings, museum tours, exercise programs and lectures. Our volunteer services respond to our members’ needs, such as transportation to medical appointments, help with technology, grocery shopping, household tasks, and unexpected needs. The Village adds to the support of your friends and family.
72 People | 525 Impacts | 1,807 Hours