Assessment in Community Engaged Scholarship


This group evolved from a 2020 Nashman Center Faculty Learning Community on Democratically Engaged Assessment (DEA). As we each work toward implementing such an assessment in the context of our own campus/community partnerships, this learning community provides a sounding board of support critical thinkers to help hone our ideas. 

The FLC was facilitated by Patti Clayton, one of the co-creators of the DEA model. A key resource centering our discussions is:
Bandy, J., Price, M. F., Clayton, P. H., Metzker, J., Nigro, G., Stanlick, S., Etheridge Woodson, S., Bartel, A., & Gale, S. (2018). Democratically engaged assessment: Reimagining the purposes and practices of assessment in community engagement. Davis, CA: Imagining America.  Link:

FLC Meeting notes:

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This thread will be used to recap and share a brief summary of our monthly meetings. Folks who are unable to attend certain meetings can look here to catch up on missed discussions. All members should feel free to add...
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Please feel free to add resources to this thread, including links to: research articles, toolkits, online tools, and community or professional associations.

The main resource we will be using throughout the year for our discussions, the DEA White Paper, can...
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