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MISSION Dreams For Kids DC provides life-changing activities that empower youth with physical and developmental disabilities to unite with their peers and realize their potential.   VISION All too often youth with disabilities are isolated and don't have adequate opportunities to partake in physical activities that other children are able to experience daily. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by the quality and abundance of volunteer support we offer. Each of our clinics ensures a 1:1 ratio of volunteer to participant.   PROGRAMS OVERVIEW DFKDC Clinics DFKDC clinics are adaptive clinics held once or twice a month for children with disabilities aged 4 – 24. Through our events, those with physical and developmental disabilities are able to come off the sidelines and unite with their peers. A lot of these children have been bullied in schools, and are left out of activities with able-bodied children. The empowerment and self confidence gained through the clinic will carry over from the field to the home, classroom, and the community, allowing them to realize that their disability will not prevent them from fulfilling their dreams. Each child is partnered with a volunteer to learn the essence of teamwork, have a mentor, and also bond over a sense of camaraderie.   DFKDC Digital Clinics In light of Covid-19, we have migrated from in-person clinics to hosting 100% Free Digital Clinics for youth & young adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities. DFKDC Digital Clinics follow the same concept of our in person clinics; moreover, provide an outlet to connect our community during the quarantine. If you are a DFKDC participant, we welcome you and any of your friends to join, but you must register first to receive the zoom link to enter the online platform and join us.   DFKDC Holiday Celebration Throughout the year, Dreams For Kids DC provides a wide variety of adaptive clinics for children with physical and developmental disabilities— from waterskiing and football to cooking and Prom.  The DFKDC Holiday Celebration is more than a seasonal party; it is our culminating year-end event that gives our participants (the beneficiaries of our free DFKDC clinics) the opportunity to “pay-compassion-forward”. Participants engage in a variety of philanthropic activities at the Holiday Celebration including: wrapping presents for underprivileged children; decorating desserts for homeless shelters; making holiday cards for Veterans, and more. The DFKDC Holiday Celebration is a time for fun and philanthropy, and a reminder that their disabilities will not hold them back from reaching their potential.   Your Path To Success DFKDC's mentorship program that provides communication, leadership, and vocational skill building for young adults with developmental delays and/or physical disabilities in the DC area. The program concept derived from the need to provide DFKDC participants with resources to expand and grow after their time in DFKDC clinics. Over the course of 3 months, the program offers participants both skill-building workshops on topics such as resume development, interviewing, and formal e-mail communication as well as off-site group community service projects, site visits to places that employ those with disabilities, and opportunities to network. We seek for participants to walk away with meaningful relationships, new confidence, and real skills that allow them to pursue independence and gainful employment.   DFKDC Equality Summit Program DFKDC wants to be on the forefront of change and equality empowerment. This is a commitment we make to our families through our mission and programming. With a diverse population that includes 36% African American, 8% Asian American, and 1% Middle Eastern—it is pivotal for DFKDC to advocate for their families and promote disability awareness. The annual Equality Summit will focus on one important topic that our society is facing each year and bring together thoughtful leaders, speakers, and our own DFKDC participants to share their experiences, learn from each other, and most importantly – discuss how we can support change. DFKDC’s commitment is to select youth with disabilities (our participants) during each yearly summit and work with them to create the following year’s equality summit.
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