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SUST 3097 30 Community-Engaged Research to Promote Environmental Justice


CourseSUST 3097: SUST 3097 Culminating Exp. Sustainability - T 12:45-3:15, (78998)

Students will design and carry out research that engages and supports DC residents from marginalized or underserved communities. During this course, students will identify, research, and interpret intersections between environmental, technological, socioeconomic, and political problems and opportunities within communities in DC. In analyzing real world problems faced by DC residents, students will utilize peer-reviewed research, quantitative data sets, qualitative research methods (primarily interviews, observation, and document analysis), and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills gained through prior coursework. Students will work to create a shared understanding of environmental and climate justice environmental and social problems, study specific problems faced by DC residents, and then engage and interview community-based stakeholders. Students will collaborate with community members, the staff of partner organizations, and each other to identify and develop service projects or other solutions based on research and analysis. Projects are intended to create meaningful change for DC residents.

(Spring 2020 Traditional - Project)
Semester:Spring 2020
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CausesEnvironment Social Justice Sustainability
Sustainable Development Goals
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Thanks for a great semester of community engaged scholarship, and for the virtual and in person service this semester! A few reminders as we head into the last days of classes and finals. You can of course continue to submit hours for your classes until the last day of finals (or, when faculty tell you hours are due) however…

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Two additional reminders:

We invite all students to share their experience in each of their community engaged scholarship courses with us. We and our faculty and our community partners and future students benefit from this feedback so please take the time to share it with us. The link to the survey is here:

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Also many students have asked how they can still get more hours by serving virtually because they need them for their course, or because they want to help –there are hundreds of options for virtual service on givepulse check out how to find them in 3 clicks here: