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Team Kid POWER (known as KiPOW!) started in Washington, D.C., in 2012 through the leadership of cardiologist Michele Mietus-Snyder, M.D., and then-George Washington University Medical School student Nisha Narayanan, M.D. 
KiPOW! was designed to help kids take full advantage of the physical activity programs, health education and nutritious meals available in D.C. public and public charter schools through the D.C. Healthy Schools Act of 2010. 

Through the volunteer program, George Washington University medical students serve as health mentors in the schools. They encourage healthy choices as they: 
  • Eat lunch with kids, building bonds over fresh, local veggies 
  • Play fun, physical games to engage kids in exercise
  • Educate students on health topics from nutrition to sleep 
Evidence-based health promotion principles therefore are not just taught to school children, but lived. The kids develop healthy habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. Meanwhile, the med students get hands-on experience in health education and behavioral change that will someday benefit their patients.
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