Youth Organization United to Rise (YOUR)



From our humble beginnings, our Founder and Executive director, Joyce Madyun began providing out of school time programming for neighborhood children in her basement in the late 1980’s. In the early 1990s she was asked to provide the same services to youth at the school across the street from her home, West Elementary School. In 1997, the program and her vision had outgrown the school, so she and her husband used equity from their home to purchase a derelict property at the corner of their block. The entire community was involved in the renovation of the headquarters located at 4913 14th St. NW in Ward 4 of Washington, DC. The name Youth Organizations United to Rise (Y.O.U.R.) Community Center was rightfully chosen as the name for the organization, now a treasured asset of the community, which has served over 1,000 inspired families and over 5,000 ambitious youth.

YOUR Community Center began with three programs, which were targeted to youth ages 5-12. The organization has grown to now offer eight spectacular programs for youth ages 5-18.
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