BADM 1002 20 First Year Development

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


Community development is a key focus area for the First Year Development Program. During the spring semester, first-year business students will have the opportunity to engage in a community development project with a small group within their FYDP class.

  • Gain community engagement experience that may be integrated into your GWSB approved resume.
  • Demonstrate cultural competency and civility in interacting with diverse populations.
  • Describe how the intersecting social identities of oneself and others shape life experiences and access to resources and opportunities.
  • Identify the ways in which social identity, power and privilege vary across microcosms of the Washington DC Community.
BADM 1002: BADM 1002 20 First Year Development - W 11:10-12:00, (72234)
Spring 2020
17 People | 18 Impacts | 61 Hours




Please fill out this service waiver copy and paste the link
BADM 1002 Spring Course Community Partners

To find out even more about these organizations just scroll down on your course page to the “affiliates” section and click on the tile for the community partners associated with your course.

Note if you click the “become member” button for any of these community partners you will get announcements directly from them to your give pulse account to let you know they have new opportunities for service. This also allows the organization to invite you to volunteer events and keeps you in touch with them beyond the class if you’d like to serve more with them during your time at GW. All students with 100 or more hours in the system at graduation are eligible for graduation service cords and certificates see link for more information

If you’d rather not get those notifications those same events are also posted on your course page-scroll down to where it says “opportunities” and you’ll see open events from the 10 community partners affiliated with your course. Events get posted regularly by the community partners so check in often if you need more hours.

All community partners for this course have ongoing needs for volunteers in addition to any events they post –so a lack of events is not a lack of needing people. Below is the process for each community partner so you can get started. If you don’t know what to say in your first email or phone call to ask to volunteer, check out the student guide to community service, there are scripts for that first phone call and a checklist with helpful tips for serving safely

Each organization is a little different many have videos on their websites about what they do which is a GREAT place to start to learn about them and find a fit for your interests and talents.

Bread for the City has opportunities to help with direct service in clothing and food banks or leading workshops or working with the office doing a variety of things from promotion work to organizing opportunity list is here and you can sign up for a variety of opportunities on many days of the week here

DC Central Kitchen there are many shifts available each day the calendar to sign up is here

Food and Friends Has a variety of opportunities from food prep to food delivery and you can sign up as individuals or as a small group. You will need to sign up for a one-hour orientation (you can count that as training on your service hours) They are one of the longest running food programs in DC and bring lots of hope to people each day with delivered meals.

Martha’s Table has opportunities to serve and prepare meals, prepare donated clothing to be displayed so clients can get what they need for job prep or for their children, spend time serving with children or doing restocking so that donated food and clothing gets to those who need it most. Volunteer opportunities almost every day of the week you sign up on the calendar here and you’ll be prompted to read their volunteer manual and sign during the sign up process. They have a one pager to help you learn more about each shift opportunity so you’ll know what you are signing up for

Miriam’s Kitchen volunteers do a variety of things here, food prep, mail delivery for those who eat here and use the address to work on getting housing and jobs, helping with social media, art classes, talking with clients, promotion. There is a one hour orientation you attend before serving sign up here to attend the next one is 2/21 so sign up now if you know for sure you want to serve here. Next one will be at the beginning of March. (again you can count this as service just click the training button when you submit).

A Wider Circle this group does a wide variety of things with both programming and helping clients get settled in a home with kitchen basics and furniture. Your job might be helping them pick out kitchenware from what is donated to take with them or helping them chose furniture so they have what they need for their family. Or you might choose to work behind the scenes and manage data-what is coming in and going out of the warehouse or work to promote donations or events and fundraisers. This location has opportunities every day of the week including weekends to serve you need to email or call to set up your time to serve click here to get email and phone number to volunteer

Foodprints help students in DCPS learn about healthy eating and help locals in DC learn about eating local and healthy with your volunteer work here where you might help with a farmers market, help put packs together for DC families or be a helper in a DC school with a member of the Foodprints team you need to email or call for volunteer opportunities those contacts are at this link

Latino Student Fund DC There are a wide variety of tutoring programs at LSF DC you will need to attend a volunteer training/orientation which you can count towards your service hours and you’ll complete paperwork required of all volunteers at that session or beforehand. You’ll need to contact them to volunteer this location has opportunities everyday of the week and on Saturdays in DC and in Maryland the Riverdale site has it’s own page on givepulse because many students volunteer there as well as the DC location.

So Others Might Eat (SOME) this organization works on issues of homelessness, job training and professional certification, hunger and more. You create an account to volunteer here and you choose the skills you bring to the work there as well they have a list of FAQs There are multiple opportunities to serve on weekdays (weekends as well but these slots go quickly so sign up as soon as you know you want to serve on the weekend) calendar to sign up is here

Little Friends for Peace Little friends for peace turns students into peacemakers. You’ll need to attend an orientation/training. You’ll click training when you submit your hour for that session. They have many ongoing opportunities here you’ll fill out the form first and then sign up for opportunities.