Delta Epsilon Mu


Delta Epsilon Mu (ΔEM, or DEM) was founded on the grounds of Binghamton University in New York during the Spring semester of 1996. The founding fathers united their interests in building a professional co-educational, pre-health fraternity, which could serve Binghamton University students by exposing them to professionals from various health fields. They wanted to inform students about current health issues with the intent of helping students choose a field of interest following graduation and beyond. A large part of the fraternity’s interests were focused on serving the community by uniting people of different age groups, ethnicities, religions, and ideologies, who were all joined by a common interest in the health fields.

In 2010, Delta Epsilon Mu expanded to Washington D.C., where the Iota chapter of the fraternity was established under the same goals as those originally set forth by the founding fathers in 1996. In an effort spearheaded by Tanvi Avasthi, who pledged the Eta Chapter of ΔEM at Virginia Commonwealth University, a pre-health, community service organization was established at GW. It would later evolve into the foundation of ΔEM history at GW. Members of the Gamma Chapter of the University of Maryland, traveled to The George Washington University to induct the founding class members of the Iota Chapter in the Fall of 2010. The Iota Chapter welcomes all students who are interested in pursuing the health fields: medicine, psychology, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, public health, and all other related vocations. As a brotherhood, we have pledged not only to support each other in our various health-field pursuits, but as well as all other aspects of life. Loyalty, dedication, and friendship form the foundation of our fraternity.

90 People | 102 Impacts | 10,785 Hours | 266,290 Total Economic Impact