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GW's School of Business students do great work in the local community, building the capacity of service organizations and creating communications platforms for community advocacy.

Welcome! We're here to help you connect your unique skill-set to benefit the community.

BADM 4001

The Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service facilitates a community engagement section of BADM 4001, an experiential learning capstone course. Students serve approximately 5 hours per week, working on projects with local service organizations. Students do project management, collect and analyze data, run social media campaigns, and more, for local organizations that provide (for example): after-school youth development, community arts programs, health clinics in low-income communities, services for aging and older adults, and programs supporting new entrepreneurs and small business owners.

To enroll in this section of BADM 4001, students must first be selected by a community serving organization to work on a service project. Click the "projects" tab above to review and apply for projects for this course.

Projects will be available on a rolling basis, so students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

In Spring 2023, the Community Engagement section of BADM 4001 will meet Tuesdays, 3:45-4:35.

When you have secured a service project:
After you have applied for a project and been selected by a community partner:

1. Withdraw your application from any other projects you have applied for and email any other community partners you may have interviewed with. This is a professional courtesy to community partners who are selecting students for their projects. They need to know to remove you from consideration.
2. Complete the
Registration Request Form to indicate that you have secured a project and would like to register for the course.

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