PUBH 6299 The Autism Experience: A Public Health Perspective

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A public health perspective of the autism experience is explored through service learning and community participatory research methods engaging autistic young adults, their parents, researchers, clinicians and other service providers. The course covers the science, viewpoints, and experience of autism with a focus on young adults transitioning to adulthood. Collaboratively with community advocates, students will explore research relevant to the

autistic community.

PUBH 6299: PUBH 6299 The Autism Experience: A Public Health Perspective - M 11:10-1:00 GWSPH 101, (74627)
Spring 2020
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Thanks for a great semester of community engaged scholarship, and for the virtual and in person service this semester! A few reminders as we head into the last days of classes and finals. You can of course continue to submit hours for your classes until the last day of finals (or, when faculty tell you hours are due) however…

Tomorrow is the last day to submit hours for service awards for this year! If you are graduating, this is especially important so you can get your cords and awards-which will be mailed to you. Anyone who serves 100 or more hours in a year is eligible for an award. Please make sure you log all of your hours today or tomorrow that you want considered for the award. Information on awards can be found here

Please remember when you log hours to add your impact to your community partner and just click the box for your class at the end-not the other way around. You can find step by step instructions on how to add hours here:

And if you’ve submitted hours incorrectly how to edit hours here:

Please remember to make your impacts public and not private so your community partner can approve them. The video also shows that process.

Two additional reminders:

We invite all students to share their experience in each of their community engaged scholarship courses with us. We and our faculty and our community partners and future students benefit from this feedback so please take the time to share it with us. The link to the survey is here:

If your faculty member has told you that your course is participating in the virtual symposium on community engaged scholarship, or if you would just like to present, please check out this blog for how to prepare for the virtual symposium don’t forget to upload your presentation!

If you have trouble uploading please email and I can help you with that process.

Also many students have asked how they can still get more hours by serving virtually because they need them for their course, or because they want to help –there are hundreds of options for virtual service on givepulse check out how to find them in 3 clicks here:
Hello Everyone,

I hope that you are all staying safe and well during these uncertain times. I would like to offer each you a resource curated uniquely for your class to provide more clarity for logging your service hours and an opportunity to continue your service virtually.

Rachel over at the Nashman Center has made a video that walks you through the process step by step and answers the frequently asked questions gathered from you and your peers. Please take a moment to watch the video and update your hours accordingly.

Here is the link:

As always if you have any questions feel free to send me an email.
Nneka Onyekwuluje
Before you serve, be sure to fill out the service waiver here. Takes only a few seconds but it’s important to be safe while serving! The link is here
Hello Everyone,

My name is Nneka, and I will be your course guide for the semester! I am here to support and answer any questions you may have pertaining to the community engagement leg of this course. One of my most important pieces of advice for the semester is to keep up with logging your hours correctly and you'll do great. I will be joining you all at the beginning of class on Monday to walk you through the GW serves/ give pulse platform and answering questions. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the semester. I can't wait to see all the amazing service that you will do!
Nneka Onyekwuluje