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HSSJ 4195 Capstone Seminar in HSSJ


CourseHSSJ 4195: HSSJ 4195 Capstone Seminar IN HSSJ - W 3:30-6:00pm 1957 E B14, (73229)
Capstone in HSSJ (Spring 2020 Traditional - Engaged Research)
Semester:Spring 2020
CausesArts & Culture Civic Engagement Community Economic Development Education Food Insecurity, Hunger General Service Non-Profit Business Services Nutrition Older Adults Professional Development Research STEM Social Justice
11 People | 1 Impact | 3 Hours

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Before you serve-be sure to fill out the service waiver here. Takes only a few seconds but it’s important to be safe while serving! The link is here
Take your community engaged scholarship farther publish/present/secure funding

You’ve done the work and submitted the papers-why not consider publishing or presenting your work or applying for a fellowship so that the field can learn from you and your community partners can benefit. Here are some great places to get started:

Check out our blog we are constantly adding new places to publish and present community engaged work many of these calls are looking for student research-other calls will allow you to present with faculty

Get funding (up to $10,000) to support and expand your community engaged work through a Knapp Fellowship proposals due May 24th

Present your work at GWU research days (you’ve already done this work in your classes-so why not) and be considered for the Nashman Prize

Extend your work with funding from the Public Service Grant Commission

Work with your community partner on a project for peace grant

If your work community engaged work with organizations centers sustainability-apply for the eco-equity challenge

Watch this space and submit your writing on your work in the DC community for the Julian Clement Chase Prize

Don’t leave any impact hours unsubmitted! May Grads must submit all hours by April 24th to count towards service awards!

Classes are over soon don’t forget to put all of your hours into Givepulse now so that they can be approved before May 7. If you are graduating in May and wish to get recognition all hours must be in and approved by April 24th you are eligible for awards and recognition at graduation for the hours your serve during your time at GW