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GTCH 1001 Inquiry Approaches to Teaching


CourseGTCH 1001: GTCH 1001 Inquiry Approaches to Teaching - W 8:00-9:15, (76923)
Students who want to explore teaching careers become familiar with lesson plan development by writing, teaching, and observing lessons in an elementary school classroom. While students build and practice inquiry-based lesson design skills, they also become familiar with and practice classroom management in the elementary school setting. As a result of the Step 1 experiences, students are able to decide to continue exploring teaching as a career. Through this experience local teachers gain exposure to new pedagogical and innovative innovative inquiry based lessons, and local students engage in lessons which feature activity content to spark interest in lifelong learning and interest in STEM. (Spring 2020 Traditional - Placement)
Semester:Spring 2020
CausesCommunity Education Professional Development Research STEM
16 People | 17 Impacts | 27 Hours

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