Community Service Learning Program


The Center for Community Engagement and Service (CCES) is American University’s hub for community outreach, volunteering and service-learning opportunities in Washington, DC and beyond. Being part of the DC community is an important part of the student experience at AU, and CCES is where students come to connect.

This page is the subgroup for CCES's Community-Based Learning and Research Programs.

Please note there is currently one program managed on this page: Community Service-Learning Program (CSLP). In this program, individual students complete a minimum of 35 hours of direct or project-based service over the course of a semester. The student applies these hours to gain an add-on academic credit to a course of their choice. Participants also complete a blog and academic project presented to their class at the end of the semester. CCES supports students through orientation, mid-semester reflection, and final semester reflection. Peer Mentors are assigned to participants to support them through their program in elements like communications, logging hours, etc.

Another program that is supported by the same CBLR initative is: Community-Based (CB) Courses. In these courses, faculty members have incorporated service-learning in their course outcomes and all students are engaged in a minimum of 20 hours of direct or project-based service. Students works individually or in small teams. CCES supports partnership introductions but student experience is primarily managed by faculty through coursework activities and assignments.

Across the nation, Community-Based Learning and Research is increasingly utilized as a teaching and learning strategy. This technique integrates meaningful service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

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