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Frank W. Ballou High School has been serving the Ward Eight community since 1960. Frank W. Ballou High School opened in 1960. It is named after Dr. Frank Washington Ballou who was elected the seventh superintendent of the D.C. Public Schools in 1920. He served as superintendent until 1943. During his tenure as superintendent, he affected many changes and established new positions throughout the school system.

Ballou continues to build a successful legacy due to the knowledgeable staff who is dedicated to empowering every student to choose their own path upon graduation. Ballou offers Advanced Placement classes to give our college-bound students a competitive edge. Career preparation and technical classes ensure that those same students receive a well-rounded education.

Ballou High School has a proud legacy of excellence. A nationally recognized marching band, competitive robotics team, and athletic teams that consistently prove that Ballou Knights are a force to be reckoned with, are a source of pride for students and staff.

Developing and graduating globally competitive students for college, careers and leadership
Facilitate high-quality instruction, provide a safe and effective learning environment and offer a continuum of student and family support services
The philosophy of Ballou High School embodies the belief that all children can learn and benefit from an intensive academic program delivered within the context of a nurturing and structured school environment. 
Ballou provides each student with a wide-range of opportunities and challenging experiences to expand his/her world, vast academic and extra-curricular activities to increase his/her knowledge, and leadership opportunities that will equip him/her to take an active role in society. 
Ballou High School offers a balanced curriculum in the humanities and sciences based on clearly articulated academic standards. Mathematics, Science, English, Technology and Social Studies are the backbone of our student's education and enhance the study of other subject areas, by providing a broad context in which to better understand them. The curriculum is geared to prepare each student for success on the secondary level.
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