Brainfood uses the power of food to engage, empower, and employ DC teens and young adults.

Our Approach
Brainfood believes that within each young person is a competent leader, resilient team player, creative entrepreneur, and great cook. Our programs are built around the inherent strengths, capabilities, and unique developmental needs of teens and young adults. Brainfood offers a pathway for young people to learn skills that benefit them in the kitchen and throughout their lives.

Why Teens and Young Adults?
While there are many successful healthy eating, cooking, and garden education programs in the District of Columbia, very few are geared toward teens and young adults. Also, we think young people are awesome!

Why Food and Cooking?
Cooking requires a range of skills transferrable to all parts of life — communication, teamwork and leadership, following directions, problem solving, and creativity. The lessons we learn in the kitchen can shape how we approach life.
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