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Bridge America



BRIDGE America is a volunteer-based grassroots initiative devoted to helping refugees as they transition into a new environment.

BRIDGE America (Betterment of Refugees through Integration, Development, Guidance & Empowerment in America) consists of concerned individuals who would like to assist refugees in their time of need.

We are not a government organization or a registered NGO. The organization is funded by donations from local community centers.

Dar-ul-Taqwa, Islamic Society of Baltimore, MSSA, Dar-us-salaam, UMR UMD, Diyanet Center of America, An-Nur and Johns Hopkins MSA work together to make this possible

The organization focuses on these core areas of support to refugee families:
Communication Community Outreach (CCO)
Education, Training, Mentoring & Orientation (ETMO)
Finance & Fund Raising (FFR)
Home & Shelter (HS)
Job Placement & Job Training (JPJT)
Car and Other Transportation (COT)
Human Resource (HR)
CausesEmployment Immigrants & Refugees Marginalized Populations Workforce Development

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