CPED 6557 Second Language Acquisition


CPED 6557: Second Language Acquisition (SLA) will help students understand the process of learning an additional language and connect language acquisition to teaching second and foreign/world languages.

Three essential questions about second language acquisition will be addressed:

·       How do we learn additional languages?

·       What factors contribute to variability in language learning?

·       How do we become proficient in additional languages?

In exploring these questions, students will examine their own beliefs about second language acquisition in light of theory and research findings. Students will also connect theory and research to classroom instruction for learners of English and/or foreign language.

CPED 6557: CPED 6557 Second Language Acquisition - T 5:10-7:00pm, (97147)
Fall 2019
12 People | 2 Impacts | 33 Hours | 744 Total Economic Impact

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Heads up the YWCA in DC also has needs for tutoring for English Language Learners! Let me know if you still need help with a connection for tutoring-it is youth development and adult training.
Hi Everyone-Just a reminder that you can find lots of service opportunities for tutoring at the get involved link at the top of your screen. Also here are a few links that we talked about in class if you are still looking for somewhere to get involved.
1. CentroNia works with migrant/immigrant populations https://gwserves.givepulse.com/group/199520-CentroNia
2. City Gate serves immigrant students https://gwserves.givepulse.com/group/6024-City-Gate-Inc.
3. DC Bilingual for volunteer tutoring https://gwserves.givepulse.com/group/215809-DC-Bilingual
4. DC Dream Center they are new to Nashman and offer tutoring https://gwserves.givepulse.com/group/293482-DC-Dream-Center
5. Family Place https://gwserves.givepulse.com/group/199533-Family-Place
6. Latino Student Fund -has weekend opportunities https://gwserves.givepulse.com/group/2854-Latino-Student-Fund
7. Latin American Youth Center https://gwserves.givepulse.com/group/2864-Latin-American-Youth-Center
8. US Dream Academy tutoring opportunities https://gwserves.givepulse.com/group/209491-US-Dream-Academy
Before you start serving be sure to fill out the service waiver online here: https://gwserves.givepulse.com/survey/take/wq9uJGH00MH7Ju7oCCVe

Have questions about getting ready to serve or how to start? Check out the student guide to service here: https://serve.gwu.edu/sites/g/files/zaxdzs2966/f/downloads/Student%20Guide%20to%20CES%20AY%2019-20.pdf