TRDA 3131W Theatre for Social Change

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


This course focuses on the efficacy of using the arts to address issues within our society. The students will examine produced works of representative 20th and 21st century playwrights, which address violence aganist women, gender inequality, homophobia, racism, trauma of war, Nativism, religious discrimination, and other injustices within our society. We will analyze the techniques used by the playwrights, and how-or whether-these techniques inspire audiences to effect change. (Traditional - Project)
TRDA 3131W: TRDA 3131W Theater of Social Change - TR 11:10AM-12:25PM, (94927)
Fall 2018
10 People | 4 Impacts | 11 Hours

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Thanks for your service! Please help us learn more with this brief survey.

Thanks for all your work last semester. Please help us learn about your course and service through this brief survey

Also don't leave any hours on the table! Fall courses close for hour submission this week so make sure you have everything in. Want a fast way to check? Take a peek at your service transcript screen shots to help you through the process here if you don't see your hours here we don't have them and neither does your community partner. If you are hoping for a service award at graduation note the deadline here April 24th is the last day to submit you can learn more about award levels for service here
Thanks for serving!
It’s the last week of classes don’t leave any impact hours unsubmitted!

Classes are over soon don’t forget to put all of your hours into givepulse now so that they can be approved before Dec. 21st when winter break begins. Fall classes will close for hour submission on Dec. 22nd. You are eligible for awards and recognition at graduation for the hours your serve during your time at GW
You’ve done the work and submitted the papers-why not consider publishing or presenting your work or applying for a fellowship so that the field can learn from you and your community partners can benefit. Here are some greatplaces to get started:
1.Check out our blog we are constantly adding new places to publish and present community engaged work many of these calls are looking for student research-other calls will allow you to present with faculty
2.Get funding (up to $10,000) to support and expand your community engaged work through a Knapp Fellowship proposals due May 24th
3.Present your work at GWU research days (you’ve already done this work in your classes-so why not) and be considered for the Nashman Prize
4.Extend your work with funding from the Public Service Grant Commission
5.Work with your community partner on a project for peace grant
6.If your work community engaged work with organizations centers sustainability-apply for the eco-equity challenge
7.Watch this space and submit your writing on your work in the DC community for the Julian Clement Chase Prize
Hello all! PLEASE register for the symposium. Registration has already passed but we extended the deadline until tonight at midnight! Please click here to register and let us know if you will join us for lunch!
Theater students, we are so glad that your whole class is joining us at the symposium please click here to register and let us know if you will join us for lunch.

Dr. Kanter let us know that some of you will be presenting during the showcase-for the 3 students who are doing the "love letters" session please also decide on an official title for your presentation and place that in your registration. Each one of you needs to register separately even though you are presenting as a group.
Your session runs from 2:30-3:30 but we hope you'll join us for lunch beforehand.

For the students presenting on the partnership with Woolly Mammoth you are presenting immediately following lunch 1:30-2:30 and are part of a larger group presentation on Social Justice please add your names in the presentation space as well.

For all of you, I will be at your class next Tuesday, November 26 to help you with signing up and submitting your hours!
Want to get ahead start and get a preview of your final project, and get some free lunch? Symposium Registration is OPEN! Click the link
This will be a great way for many of you to get some good ideas on which organizations you would like to serve and see presentations that you will be doing in spring. You do not have to be a presenter to attend!
Mid-term check in-Have you submitted all your service hours so far? You can submit your hours by clicking the “add impact” button on your class page –or clicking on your community partners page and clicking “add impact” be sure to share your impact with both your community partner and by clicking the box for your class! Last year GW students served over 750,000 hours-thank you for serving this semester
Hello, just checking in! Many of you guys have not signed the service waiver, and it is required before you start serving here is the link it should take less than 2 minutes! I also noticed there isn't a lot of impacts if you are having trouble finding places to serve feel free to reach out to me at so I can connect you to different organizations. Don't wait until the last minute to create your impacts because they need time to be verified. If you have any trouble with logging your impacts let me know. Have a great rest of your week!
Hi it was great to meet you a few weeks ago-now that the semester is underway you should be serving and reporting your hours. Here's supports to do just that. Please remember to submit your hours by clicking on your organization first then click the box for your class!

1. Before you serve-be sure to fill out the service waiver here so far only 10 people in the class have completed this. Takes only a few seconds but it’s important to be safe while serving! The link is here

Second if you Have questions about how to find a service site and how to start working with a community partner? Check out the 2019-2020 student guide to Community Engaged Scholarship in your documents folder on your class site just click the documents tab. The guide covers how to call an organization about serving, a checklist before and during service and how to tie service to class assignments. Still looking for a community partner? Two places to look. First look on your class page here scroll down and you'll see the "affiliates" for your course-all places that Dr. Kanter. More opportunities for service on GWServes at this link
Before you start serving be sure to fill out the service waiver online here:

Have questions about getting ready to serve or how to start? Check out the student guide to service here: