HSSJ 1177 Organizing Social Justice and Human Services

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


In this class, theory in community organizing and social justice is connected with an opportunity to explore how it is applied directly in the field. Methods used by non–profit organizations and campaigns to address issues in human services and social justice will be explored. This academic course will utilize the community for the study and analysis of contemporary issues in philanthropy toward social change, with a particular emphasis on how the issue of inequality affects empowerment. Through readings and group projects, students will participate in various aspects of community engaged learning while studying about social justice and social change makers.  


Components: Academic Study Humanities Enrichment Experiential Service-Learning 


The class meets weekly for two hours per week for the entire semester. Class contact hours are complemented by community-engaged learning in an appropriate placement selected by the student and supervised by the instructor and in conjunction with on-site human service professionals here in the Washington metropolitan area. You must select a site placement along the “spectrum of service” from direct service interacting with clients to indirect service in program development roles in non-profit agencies. 

HSSJ 1177: Organizing Social Justice and Human Services - T 3:30-6:00 pm, (93319)
Fall 2018
58 People | 116 Impacts | 378 Hours | 10,289 Total Economic Impact

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Take your community engaged scholarship farther: publish/present/secure funding -
You’ve done the work and submitted the papers-why not consider publishing or presenting your work or applying for a fellowship so that the field can learn from you and your community partners can benefit. Here are some great places to get started:
-Check out our blog we are constantly adding new places to publish and present community engaged work many of these calls are looking for student research-other calls will allow you to present with faculty https://blogs.gwu.edu/nashmanfacultyupdate/category/publish-or-present/

-Get funding (up to $10,000) to support and expand your community engaged work through a Knapp Fellowship proposals due May 24th https://serve.gwu.edu/knapp-fellowship-entrepreneurial-service-learning

-Present your work at GWU research days (you’ve already done this work in your classes-so why not) and be considered for the Nashman Prize https://serve.gwu.edu/nashman-prize-community-based-participatory-research

-Extend your work with funding from the Public Service Grant Commission https://serve.gwu.edu/public-service-grant-commission

-Work with your community partner on a project for peace grant https://serve.gwu.edu/projects-peace

-If your work community engaged work with organizations centers sustainability-apply for the eco-equity challenge https://serve.gwu.edu/eco-equity-challenge

-Watch this space and submit your writing on your work in the DC community for the Julian Clement Chase Prize https://writingprogram.gwu.edu/julian-clement-chase-prize
Course Credit for Symposium: Please post answers to your class wall. Thank you!

What one question or comment did you want to share with Alex Justice today from DCCK that we did not get to address in our session?

Which concurrent session did you attend? How did the students from the Community Engaged Scholarship Couse take up the idea of service and scholarship? What did you learn from them?

Showcase Sessions please answer for each room:

In room 301 which showcase laptop session did you find most compelling from the medical school and why?

In room 302- What did you learn about community engaged research by looking at these ongoing projects? Which method did

you find most effective for community engaged research?

In room 308- In the Human Service and Social Justice showcase which presentation best addressed a Social Justice issue that you were unaware of? Were you compelled to act/learn more about the issue because of what you saw if so what will you do?
Today is the LAST DAY to register for the symposium!! All students must register to attend (and in our case, present!) in order to both get class credit and be included in the lunch count. Please use this link: https://givepul.se/5dn7dq

And, you can use the symposium to say thank you to your community partner and invite them! Has your community partner gone above and beyond for you? Are you sharing work at the symposium from your service or research site? Invite them to lunch and the symposium-we'll have some great swag for all of the partners who attend. Share the RSVP with them today (It’s the same link as the one above)
Hi everyone!

As you may (or may not) know, our class will be presenting at the annual Symposium on Community-Engaged Scholarship, on December 9th from 12:30-3:30pm, as a part of our group project assignment. Registration for the Symposium is now open and the deadline to do so is DECEMBER 1ST! You can use this link to register: https://gwserves.givepulse.com/event/119804-Fall-2019-Nashman-Center-Symposium-on-Community-Engaged-Scholarship

Our class will be presenting during the 'showcase presentations' section. During this time, you will have a short presentation set up on a laptop and people will be walking through the room (where many others will be presenting as well) so that you can give them a short 'elevator pitch' about your project. To get a better idea of what this looks like/requires of you, look here: https://serve.gwu.edu/symposium-community-engaged-scholarship

Please start registering now if you feel comfortable, but I also will be speaking for a few minutes during class this week about the registration process, as well as staying a few extra minutes after class to troubleshoot and answer any questions.

And the BEST part: Symposium includes free lunch! But you have to register so we know numbers for catering in order to make sure you will get food!!

(P.S - Don't forget to keep logging your project hours!)
Can you believe it's already midterm? Don't let the end of the semester sneak up on you too and forget to log your hours! Log hours now so that your site partner is able to verify them before the end of the semester.

Also, don't forget that indirect service can and should be logged as well! This includes anytime you are meeting with your group to work on your project, visiting your site, etc. Please get these hours logged ASAP
Hi everyone!

Check out these great opportunities for students to take their community engaged scholarship to the next level. Click the link to learn more about funding opportunities for working with community partners in DC. https://t.e2ma.net/message/9bktzb/5cyd8ab
Hi everyone! Just wanted to post a few reminders for y'all:

First, make sure to fill out the service waiver before you start serving: https://gwserves.givepulse.com/survey/take/wq9uJGH00MH7Ju7oCCVe

Also, be sure to check out the Community Service Fair at the Marvin Center on September 13th (this Friday!). If you are still looking for a service site for class, this is a perfect opportunity to find one. Here is some more information: https://blogs.gwu.edu/nashmanfacultyupdate/2019/08/27/gws-community-service-engagement-fair-friday-sept-13th/

Lastly, if you have any questions or need a refresher on what I went over in class, take a look at the CES service guide, which can be found under the 'documents' tab.
Before you start serving be sure to fill out the service waiver online here: https://gwserves.givepulse.com/survey/take/wq9uJGH00MH7Ju7oCCVe

Have questions about getting ready to serve or how to start? Check out the student guide to service here: https://serve.gwu.edu/sites/g/files/zaxdzs2966/f/downloads/Student%20Guide%20to%20CES%20AY%2019-20.pdf