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HSCI 2110 Disease Prevention/ Health Promotion


CourseHSCI 2110: HSCI 2110 Disease Prevention/ Health Promotion - Online, (91381)
In this 8 week online course, students will review basic public health concepts, especially those regarding prevention. Emphasis will be on achieving health equity through disease prevention and health promotion to advance U.S. community, population, and public health. Students will also study and propose how to engage a community of interest into health education or promotion program planning. (Fall 2019 Online - Engaged Research)
Semester:Fall 2019
36 People | 68 Impacts | 83 Hours

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Hello HSCI,

Although you may not be able to attend since the course is online-your work will be presented at the symposium so we'd like you to register so that we can give you credit for your work-and of course if you are in town we would love to have you attend.

The link to register is here and if you want to attend just please in addition to clicking the boxes to fill out the information on your project please also click that yes you will be joining us for lunch. Your names will appear on the program along with your project/presentation title if you need to use it for a resume or CV.

Thanks for a great semester!
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