COMM 1041 Interpersonal Communication

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


The purpose of this course is to provide students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the theories
and principles of interpersonal communication simultaneous within a service-learning environment.
(Traditional - Placement)
COMM 1041: Interpersonal Communication - T/R 4:45-6:00PM, (90941)
Fall 2018
29 People | 104 Impacts | 315 Hours | 8,568 Total Economic Impact

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Important announcements and reminders, be sure to read...

**Be sure to sign up for a DCCK shift on the sign up by Thursday (9/26) at 12pm.**
After 12pm, I will let DCCK know which shifts students are unable to volunteer.
If you don't sign up on this spread sheet, you will need to sign up for shifts on your own.
Here is the link to DCCK:

**Before you begin serving, you must fill out this online service waiver.**
Service waiver link:

Also, many students in CES courses last year said “I wished I had known about Metrorail and Bus to my site, I would have saved lots of money on transportation”. Try out the trip planner and Metro App and get to your site with ease (and less stress on your wallet)
Just a reminder, be sure to fill out the service waiver before you begin serving.

Service waiver:
Good morning,

Here is the link to the 2019-2020 Waiver for Community Engaged Scholarship Courses.
Please click the link and fill out your survey your responses. Thank you for serving!
Before you start serving, be sure to fill out the service waiver in "Documents."
Here are two videos that explain DC Central Kitchen's mission:

If you would like to stay up to date before your service, you can see DCCK's tweets (without having an account) here
This is the COMM 1041 DCCK Sign Up Sheet for October and November,
Can't wait to see everyone in class this week!
Before you start serving be sure to fill out the service waiver online here:

Have questions about getting ready to serve or how to start? Check out the student guide to service here: