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SOCY 2105 Social Problems in America


CourseSOC 2105: Social Problems in America - M/W 12:45-2:00, (95752)

This class will examine the concept of social problems and many specific social problems that are widely recognized as features of American society. We will analyze the major theoretical explanations of critical social problems, the ideological framework in which those theories are rooted, and the policy implications of these perspectives. We will attempt to assess how and why different actors (e.g. public officials, corporate executives, college professors) define social problems and act on their competing perspectives. Hopefully, the class will assist students in shaping their personal responses to those problems affecting their lives and their communities.

(Fall 2018 Traditional - Placement)
CausesAdvocacy Civic Engagement Community Education General Service Homeless & Housing Human Rights Marginalized Populations Social Justice
42 People | 129 Impacts | 381 Hours




Hello SOCY 2105 students!

Professor Squires mentioned that you could get extra credit by attending the symposium which is helpful if you'd like extra credit-or need it because you've missed a class. The link to RSVP is here just click and register-we'll have a check in for you to do when you arrive and Dr. Squires will be able to see it on the course page so you'll get the credit awarded. Note that the symposium begins during your last class so please click "no" that you won't be attending the lunch and "no" you won't be presenting. You'll click "yes" that you are attending for class credit and then list the course SOCY 2105 and then type in Prof. Squires name.

When you arrive we can link your registration with your attendance-just walk over when class is complete on the 9th. There are 5 afternoon sessions to choose from and you can attend any that you would like. They start at 2:30 and end at 3:30. Hope to see many of you there.

Also a reminder-if you haven't logged your service hours yet you need to do so-don't wait until the end of the semester. Also check out the "affiliates" tiles on your course page here if you still need a place to serve there are great organizations listed there with lots of opportunities to get involved. Let me know if you need any help!
Hi SOCY 2105 it was great to meet you a few weeks ago-now that the semester is underway you should be serving and reporting your hours. Here's supports to do just that. Please remember to submit your hours by clicking on your organization first then click the box for your class!

1. Before you serve-be sure to fill out the service waiver here so far only 10 people in the class have completed this. Takes only a few seconds but it’s important to be safe while serving! The link is here

Second if you Have questions about how to find a service site and how to start working with a community partner? Check out the 2019-2020 student guide to Community Engaged Scholarship in your documents folder on your class site just click the documents tab. The guide covers how to call an organization about serving, a checklist before and during service and how to tie service to class assignments. Still looking for a community partner? Two places to look. First look on your class page here scroll down and you'll see the "affiliates" for your course-all places that Dr. Squires has approved and where students served last year. Click on their tiles to learn more about them and get contact information. Don't like those sites or they don't work with your schedule? More opportunities for service on GWServes at this link
Before you start serving be sure to fill out the service waiver online here:

Have questions about getting ready to serve or how to start? Check out the student guide to service here: