Annual Events


Annual events are opportunities for students, faculty and staff to engage in service on a one-time basis. Individuals or groups can participate in annual events which provide a great opportunity to meet new people or strengthen a group or team while impacting the community!

We realize the limits of what we can achieve in one day. Our hope is that all participants will understand challenges facing Washington, DC and will take advantage of our other ongoing service opportunities to make a deeper impact.

Riya gave to Annual Events,
 "I absolutely loved being a site leader for WDoS at Community Forklift. Not only did I get to facilitate conversation about service and DC as a whole, but I got to meet some amazing people who are very passionate about what they do."

Spencer gave to Annual Events,
 "I thought that it was really nice that we were able to go out into a community that is right nearby and that we'll be able to see the impact of in the near fear future."

Kaleigh gave to Annual Events,
 "I enjoyed it a lot. It was a really cool and enriching experience and I was able to make a lot of friends through it, while helping people."

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