Rock Creek Conservancy



Rock Creek Conservancy exists to restore Rock Creek and its parklands as a natural oasis for all people to appreciate and protect.

Rock Creek Conservancy is the only organization dedicated solely to Rock Creek and its parks. The creek meanders 33 miles through the Washington metropolitan area, crossing federal lands as well as district, city, county, and state boundaries. Although parkland borders much of the creek, the surrounding development threatens the health and beauty of these natural areas. Rock Creek Conservancy is uniquely positioned to foster outreach, education, and efforts to overcome threats to Rock Creek.

We work through a combination of education and advocacy. Our strategy is to build partnerships with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, community groups, and residents to work together to preserve Rock Creek for present and future generations.

Rock Creek Conservancy is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service and files IRS Form 990 each year.
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