We are a company built to inspire and empower, by creating a platform for people to serve and use their God-given gifts and abilities. Our vision is to build a community of people who love the Lord and selflessly serve others out of the overflow of their relationship with Christ. We believe each opportunity taken to serve others allows God to transform a life.
Sometimes we think if we don't influence thousands, it's not an impact. At Loop we believe each person, each word, each touch is a vital part and not one role is more important than another. We are ONE and together we can impact the world, one event at a time.People underestimate the ability of great volunteers to change an event. It can change the atmosphere, the energy, and the organization flow of the event.
Loop's mission is to change the way people view volunteering at an event. Instead of being just another person, in another city, they are part of the team and the fabric of the events success. They are one of the personalities and a necessary member of our team. More than just a night of entertainment, it is a chance to unite and work together within the community
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