BADM 1002 25 First Year Development




1. The showcase presentation that was most impactful to me was the presentation by Zaniya Lewis, a GW student who created a non-profit organization that is intended to help young women to achieve a good education. This organization does this by offering the resources necessary for these women to get an education. This becomes especially helpful if they come from less privileged backgrounds that put them at an economic disadvantage. The reason this stood out to me is that it is an organization that helps individuals achieve their dreams of getting a higher education, something that is at least somewhat relatable for me.

2. I attended the “Beyond Service: Social Change is Good Business,” session from 2:30-3:30. I learned more about student organizations that allow students to pursue their interests while serving the community. The panel also displayed that community engagement or service and business endeavors can be related.
1.The presentation that impacted me the most was the last video in 301 with the sex worker because I've been an advocate against human trafficking and sexual abuse for 4 years now, so that was a very moving presentation.

2. I do not know the name of the presentation, but it was in room 301. They had a presentation on Catholic priests that molested children in 2002, and a follow up presentation about the struggle of a sex worker. I missed the first video because I was still walking around and finding which presentation I wanted to see, but I do remember it had to do with some girl named Ashley and women's representation. I did not learn something new because the videos were on other people and their experiences, not about community engagement. All that was done was interview people, but thats now something new I learned.
1) Although I didn't have a chance to see all the presentations, I was impressed by Lauren Metviner's presentation on Martha's Table. I thought it was cool that Martha's Table started implementing some of Lauren's ideas.
2) I attended “Beyond Service: Social Change is Good Business.” One thing I learned is that community engagement and working in business can go hand in hand and both teach skills that benefit the other.
1. The showcase that was most impactful to me was the one where students taking a spanish class used videos and presentations to show how they developed as fluent speakers of spanish by working with specialized centers. I understand the importance of language being a bilingual student myself and feel like knowing multiple languages is a skillset business majors can very effectively use.

2.I attended the session Beyond Service - Social Change as Good Business. I thought it was interesting how each speaker was able to combine community service with their interests and their academic concentrations.
1. I walked around to all the rooms at the symposium. I don't remember what it was called but I remember it was like a project by two girls it was an engineer project.
2. The session I attended from 2:30-3:30 was the “Beyond Service: Social Change is Good Business.”I learned that it's good to stand out in big business events because it's how you brand yourself. Also more on community based thing I learned was that working for a non profit may profit you more than working for a big business.
1. The presentation that was most impactful to me was a student who volunteered with the organization, “A Wider Circle.” This organization works with racial minorities to help get them out of poverty. They do this by giving them groceries and home goods but also giving them life skills. This means a lot to me because I have volunteered with organizations like this and it means a lot to me.

2. I attended the session Beyond Service - Social Change as Good Business, and I learned how many opportunities there are for me to start a group or business here at GW.
Question #1: A showcase presentation that I found very interesting was one from a Spanish class where they played the videos which they had created in their class, and I found this very impactful because I saw how much these students had developed their speaking skills in a different language, and as I plan to double major with Spanish, I got an inside look to the learning process of these classes.

Question #2: I attended "Beyond Service, Social Change is Good Business" which talked essentially about alternative business strategies, where the speakers showed how their business knowledge had led them to create platforms for consumers that were socially driven. This taught me how impactful if can be to translate business skills to your community and how business school students are capable of helping social issues in their communities.
There was a presentation that I attended that was all about seniors either majoring or minoring in Spanish engaged with centers that catered to Spanish speaking needs. This was interesting because it brought to my attention how much language can really keep communities separated. These students went and volunteered at these community centers to help these people become apart of the community through language.

I attended "Beyond Service, Social Change is Good Business". This brought to my attention that a good business model really comes form demand and if people want social change then it should really be involved in your business model.
1. The showcase presentation that was the most impactful for me was the room with documentary presentations from SMPA students. One documentary was on current SA president Ashley Le, one was on sexual assault issues within the Catholic Church, and one was on a sex worker who is also a trans woman of color. I really appreciated and enjoyed that each student followed a different passion and created a documentary specific for each of their interests.

2. I attended the session Beyond Service - Social Change as Good Business. I liked learning about the fact that, again, each presenter was able to combine their interests and combine it with community engagement.
The showcase presentation that was most impactful to me was the #yesshecancampaign. Zaniya Lewis, a Junior at the George Washington University, started this non-profit organization. Their mission is to empower, inspire, and encourage young women to share their stories and overcome the challenges they face when striving to achieve a proper education. This organization provides an equal opportunity for the young women to have access to educational resources, professional development, and internships, all of which accommodates their busy schedules. This organization strives to better young women who come from less privileged families, but dream of going to a good university / community but are not financially able. I believe it is important for all individuals to have an equal playing field when it comes to education and opportunities to better themselves. IMG_6867.jpeg

The session I attended was “Beyond Service: Social Change is Good Business.” I learned that community engagement is a good way to make connections and “get your foot in the door.” In addition, it’s a great way to figure out something that you want to change that you are passionate about and find a way to incorporate that into your business ethic.